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Information Technology

TECH Center Study Room Reservation Rules

cITy TECH Center Study Room Reservation Rules

CCNY students please review rules listed below before reserving a Study Room at the TECH Center, located in NAC 1/301.  Students, make sure you meet all requirements prior to making your reservation. Patrons will be required to register to utilize these Study Rooms.

Please visit the Reservation Desk at the TECH Center, located in NAC 1/301 to register.

Please read and understand the following policies and rules concerning TECH Center (TC) Study Room reservations.  Contact us via email at with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

General Rules:

• Study Rooms are generally available Monday - Friday, 9am - 8pm, until 8:45pm unless otherwise posted.
• Each Mac or PC Study Room is limited to 1 or 2 participants/occupants.
• Each Media Study Room is limited to 3 to 6 participants.
• All Study Room patrons, both reservers and guests, must be registered in WebCheckout.
• Study Rooms are available only to current CCNY students to reserve.
• Each guest of a reserver for a Media Study Room must be a current CCNY student, faculty, or staff member with valid CCNY ID and registered in WebCheckout.
• Valid CCNY ID is required for WebCheckout registration and access to a Study Room.
• All reservations are subject to resource availability.
• Availability of Study Rooms are on a first-come, first-served basis.
• All Study Rooms must be checked out at the Reservation Desk prior to entering a Study Room.
• Access to Study Rooms are provided by TECH Center staff.
• Advance reservations are available at the top of an hour and can be made up to 15 minutes in advance.
• There is a 15-minute grace period before an advance reservation is released.
• Walk-in reservation requests can be made at the TECH Center's Reservation Desk.
• Advance reservations are given priority at the Reservation Desk over walk-in reservation requests for processing.
• Study Rooms that have been unoccupied for more than 10 minutes during a scheduled reservation will be released from the reserver and made available to others.
• Laptop requests can also be made at the at the TECH Center's Reservation Desk.
• Laptops are available for use in a Media Study Room only and are limited to the number of participants during a reservation.
• CCNY ID cards will be collected from patrons who choose to borrow a TECH Center laptop for use during their Media Study Room reservation.
• Food or drinks are not allowed in the TECH Center, including its Study Rooms.
• Do not move or rearrange furniture except the chair at which you are seated.
• Do not leave personal property unattended at the TECH Center.