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Information Technology



We are pleased to announce that the Office of Information Technology (OIT) has deployed a new Microsoft Exchange® e-mail server for City College's faculty and staff:  WEBMAIL@CCNY. This new system will replace the Pelican email system and provide an enhanced communications experience for our users by integrating the following features:

  • 2GB of e-mail storage space
  • Shareable calendar
  • Global address book listings of all CCNY faculty, staff, and students
  • Web interface integrating e-mail, calendar, address book, and tasks
  • Calendar allowing reservations of meeting and conference rooms throughout campus
  • Ability to sync e-mails and calendars across multiple devices
  • Malware and spam protection

The current e-mail system, Pelican, was deployed in 2007. Because it operates on an outdated platform it has been expensive to maintain and at times unreliable. Understanding how vital e-mail is as an official means of communication, replacing this system with a modern, more effective e-mail environment has been our very high priority.

Due to the rich features available in Webmail/Outlook it is highly recommended that all faculty and staff members take full advantage of this system.

Over the next few months, OIT will be collaborating with academic and administrative offices throughout the college to migrate users from Pelican to Webmail. To help facilitate this change the following resources will be available for you:

For general questions, users can also contact OIT Service Desk at (212) 650-7878 or by email at

E-Mail Support

If you need additional assistance or have e-mail trouble, please contact:
    IT Service Desk:
    t: 212.650.7878
    l: NAC, Room NA 1/301