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Creating a CCNY Web Page

CCNY's main website has been built in a Content Management System (CMS), a web-based interface that lives on our servers here at the college. All of the new sites built in the CMS have enhanced security and permission levels, making the process of keeping content correct and current a simple task. Most of our sites have been converted to the CMS system, and integrated into the new CCNY site; a few sites that have not yet been replaced in the CMS remain active, but as resources and time permits, they will all be converted.

  • New sites to be built in the CMS. If you are looking to build a new site on the CMS, please contact the College Website Manager ,Lloyd Balch, in the Office of Communications.
  • If you are looking for help with a site already in the CMS (ie. any URL starting with "www1"), visit the tutorials on the CCNY Web User Guide. Use your CommonSpot login to access this site. If you need further assistance, contact a Web Administrator using the form on the page.
  • If you need assistance with a web site on the old server or need to create web content outside of the CMS (ie. Any URL starting with "www" or new non-CMS address), please contact Beth Schneiderman, (212.650.7083) Web Support for Applications Development Services (ADS) to find out status of accounts. These sites will be moved or taken down eventually, however, so if you administer one of these sites, for CMS service e-mail ZenDesk please contact Lloyd Balch (212.650.7582) to begin the process of building your site in the CMS.

Web Support::

The non-CMS sites are hosted on the IT Web Panel Service supported by IT Operations. To preview features of the Web Panel Service go to: Web Panel Support

If youwould like to have yournon-CMS site hosted on the CCNY network contact Web Panel Service.

If you need support for a CMS website contact: CMS or ZenDesk