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Langston Hughes Festival

A Note From The Director

You must take the A train to go to Sugar Hill up in Harlem…..hurry! get on now! it’s coming, All Aboard! 
(Billy Strayhorn)

The Langston Hughes Festival is planning its 33rd annual award ceremony, scheduled for November 18, 2011.

After a three year moratorium, the Langston Hughes Festival plans to host its 33rd annual award ceremony on November 18, 2011.

This will be the first major event since the LHF symposium of 2007 entitled, “Lift Every Voice” with keynote speaker Joanne Braxton.

Currently, the Festival is staging an exhibition of twelve colorful panels commemorating its 32-year history.  The exhibit is based on archival material housed in The City College’s Cohen Library.  Representative items selected and arranged by Dr. Thompson and co-curator Dr. William Gibbons of Cohen Library will be on display until December 2010 in the Library Archives.

Preceding the November festivities, the Choral Speaking Festival will feature local school children performing their charming and highly imaginative renditions of Langston Hughes’ poetry and fiction. This program, coordinated by Mr. Charles Frye, will take place in late spring 2011.


One might say that Harlem’s luminous poetic beginnings started with Langston Hughes who used poetry’s lyricism as a medium for voicing the life and times of African American popular culture.

New York is the artistic base for the entire world, and Harlem is its heartbeat. Sustaining the incredible energy and excitement around African American cultural expression is key and heavily dependent upon community involvement.

We highly regard your participation in festival events and welcome your assistance in our quest to further learning, friendship, and community through the examination of the amazing legacy of writers such as James Baldwin, Chinua Achebe, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, August Wilson, among many luminaries in the literary universe of America and the black diaspora.

Please familiarize yourself with our endeavors, award ceremonies, exhibitions, symposia, and pageants of children’s voices and continue to visit our site.

I hope to see you soon.

Gordon Thompson, Director