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Multimedia Center


Equipment & Software

How far in advance do I have to reserve equipment?

One week before you would like to borrow it.

For how long can I reserve equipment?

One week.

How can I reserve equipment for more than a week?

Usually you cannot reserve equipment for more than a week but if there are circumstances where you have to (e.g. the session where you supposed to videotape your teaching has been rescheduled), you have to summit another request via the online form. Put in the notes the special circumstances why you have to reserve the equipment again.

How can I use Camtacia for Captions?

Easy Methods for Creating Caption Tracks in Camtacia Studio 8

How can I zoom in & out on iPads?

Follow the instructions below to use the zoom on our iPads (iPad 2 and iPad4):
1. Goto settings, then click on Accessibilty and turn on the Zoom option.
2. Back in the camera app, put three fingers on the screen, double tap the screen, hold and swipe up for zooming in. Swipe down for zooming out. 

Does the School of Education have a site license for Notebook (SmartBoard)?

Yes, we have a site license for the software used with SmartBoards which is called Notebook 11. The procedure for faculty, staff, and students to receive the product key is the following:
  1. Go to the Multimedia Center room NAC 4/221.
  2. Fill in the form Notebook 11 Product Key Registration.
  3. Ask a student assistant to get a copy of the Notebook 11 Product Key Agreement and sign it. 
  4. The student assistant will cut off the bottom portion which has the explanation how to download the software and the product key. That part will be handed to you.


The questions below have been asked during edTPA workshops. At this point the questions are not in any particular order.

Which support can I expect from the Multimedia Center?

Resource, technical advice and assistance with videotaping, cutting, video recorders (camcorders, cameras, iPods, iPads, SmartPhones) for the video component of edTPA. We will NOT help you to select a segment from your footage.

Who keeps the video release forms?

The video parent permission forms are usually kept by the schools.  Usually the principal keeps them or someone in his/her administration.

If you have to hand out your own permission forms since the school does not provide them, hold on to them when they are returned.

What is the size limit for one single video clips?

500MB, i.e. if you are allowed to submit two individual video clips you can submit two files 500MB each. Information on video compression is available on


What does the 500MB in relation to files mean?

The 500MB limit is the maximum size for any single file submitted to the Pearson system. 

Are High Definition videos allowed?

They are allowed by not recommended because of the big file size this format creates.

Can transcriptions be used to translate the answer of a student in Spanish into English?

You can provide transcriptions of students' responses from languages other than English.