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All music majors must meet with a departmental adviser at registration each semester in order to plan and approve their course schedule.

Continuing students: please check CUNYfirst to find out the name of your assigned departmental adviser.

New students: you will be assigned a departmental adviser after you have declared your major and are actively enrolled in one of our music major sequences.

Students who have questions regarding special areas of study should contact the appropriate advisers listed below. For e-mail links see the Faculty & Staff Profiles.

B.A. Program:
Jonathan Pieslak;Shepard 78A;650-7665
Stephen Jablonsky; Shepard 80D; 650-7663
Orly Krasner; Shepard 80C; 650-7658  

Classical Instrumental Studies:
Alison Deane; Shepard 78D; 650-7657

Classical Vocal Studies:
Ira Spaulding; Shepard 80B; 650-7655

Graduate Program:
Chad Jenkins; Shepard 78B; 650-7666 

Jazz Instrumental Studies:
Scott Reeves; Shepard 72B; 650-7651

Jazz Vocal Studies:
Suzanne Pittson; Shepard 76A; 650-7656

Music and Audio Technology (Sonic Arts):
Paul Kozel; Shepard 82D; 650-8217

Music Education:
Stephen Jablonsky; Shepard 80D, 650-7663

Popular Music Studies:
Jonathan Pieslak; Shepard 78A, 650-7665


Music majors are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5. Those who fall below that number will be called in for a conference with the chair of the department to discuss ways of improving academic performance. The chair may recommend taking a particular course for better preparation, meeting with a tutor in the Writing Center, taking a course load lower than 15 credits, or other strategies for achieving academic success. All students should try to maintain the highest possible GPA in order to enhance their prospects for acceptance to graduate programs and other career opportunities. Generally, a grade of B in a music course is considered the minimum satisfactory grade. Grades below that indicate deficiencies that should be addressed without delay.

Students with a GPA lower than 2.0 will not be classified as music majors. Students need a GPA of 2.0 in order to graduate from the college.


A student who withdraws from 12 credits or more within two academic years will be placed on academic warning; a student who drops 18 or more credits will be subject to dismissal. Dropping courses may cause a student to become ineligible for financial aid.