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September 28, 2006


APLUS Fellowships Awarded to 19 Master Teachers

NEW YORK, September 28, 2006 –A unique leadership development program that combines classroom training, apprenticeships and coaching from private sector executives is preparing 19 master teachers in New York City Region 10 to become assistant principals within a year.

The pilot program was created through a partnership among the National Executive Service Corps (NESC), The City College of New York (CCNY) and Region 10, and funded by a $195,000 grant from the Goldman Sachs Foundation. Entitled Academy for Promising Leaders in Urban Schools (APLUS), the program aims to establish a model for school leadership development and succession continuum beginning with teachers beginning their administrative careers.

“The APLUS program brings together the resources of academia and the business community to focus on the leadership needs of urban schools,” said Phyllis Durden, CCNY Associate Professor of Education Leadership and one of the project’s coordinators. “Identifying and training a cadre of aspiring leaders from within the region early in their administrative careers will help Region 10 address its immediate and long-range needs for qualified administrators.”

“The APLUS program is the result of three institutions’ commitment to educational excellence,” said Betsy Weber, President of NESC, a nonprofit organization that provides management consulting and business advisory serves to nonprofit and public sector organizations. “NESC thanks the Goldman Sachs Foundation for giving NESC and CCNY the opportunity to strengthen New York City’s education system by supporting its talented and committed teachers with the APLUS program.”

“Developing supervisors and administrators from within is extremely important to building our internal capacity,” added Region 10 Superintendent Gale Reeves. “(The Fellows) know our initiatives, our focus, our goals and our mission. They have embraced them and will continue to do so in their work. We’re extremely pleased to have been chosen for this pilot project and I thank the Goldman Sachs Foundation for supporting it.”

The participating teachers have been designated APLUS Fellows, and have received stipends covering the full cost of tuition and supplies for the program, funded out of the Goldman Sachs Foundation grant. They will be honored at a kickoff reception this afternoon hosted by the Goldman Sachs Foundation. 

The Fellows were nominated by building principals and other education leader from Region 10, which includes the Upper West Side, Harlem and northern Manhattan. They represent elementary, middle and high school and come from a broad range of academic subject areas. Each candidate met strict criteria from Region 10 and CCNY’s admissions’ department. In addition, a panel comprised of NESC volunteers assessed the leadership potential, problem solving, and creativity skills of the nominees prior to their acceptance into the program.

At the heart of the APLUS program is an intensive, 21-credit certification curriculum constructed and delivered by CCNY faculty and practicing leaders from the New York City educational system. The program, which began September 5 and runs through June 30, 2007, includes courses on leadership, educational organizations, education law and policy, school management and instructional leadership. In addition, each Fellow will engage in an in-school apprenticeship under the tutelage of a building principal. 

Over the course of the program, APLUS Fellows will also receive one-on-one coaching from NESC volunteers, who are practicing or retired business executives. “We thrilled to have the involvement of the NESC volunteers,” said Ms. Reeves. “The private sector has a lot to share in terms of leadership techniques and tools used to develop leaders.”

Upon completion of the program, the Fellows will receive initial School Building Leader certification. They will also undergo a post-completion assessment by another panel of NESC volunteers. The program aims to place the APLUS Fellows in Assistant Principal positions within Region 10 for the 2007-08 school year. The 19 A Plus Fellows and their home schools are:

  • Gilberto Batiz, Duke Ellington School (P.S. 04), 500 W. 160th St.
  • Zaida Castro, Duke Ellington School (P.S. 04), 500 W. 160th St.
  • Donna Cornwell, Ralph Bunche School, (P.S. 125), 425 W. 123rd St.
  • Carlo DeGregorio, Region 10 New Teacher Mentor Office.
  • Marcia Hendricks, Countee Cullen Literary Academy (M. 194), 244 W. 144th St.
  • Shannon Lynch, Gabrille Mistral School (P.S. 325), 500 W. 138th St.
  • Enith Machado, Robert Simon School (P.S. 165), 234 W. 109th St.
  • Shantell Oatman, Bread & Roses Integrated Arts High School, 6 Edgecombe Ave.
  • Javier Ortiz, Roberto Clemente School (I.S. 195), 625 W. 133rd St.
  • Alrye Osborne, City College Academy of the Arts (M.S. 293), 4600 Broadway
  • Kathy Osbourne, Wadleigh Secondary School of Visual & Performing Arts, 215 W. 114th St.
  • Alejandro Rivera, Roberto Clemente School (I.S. 195), 625 W. 133rd St.
  • Dafne Sanchez-Aldama, Shorac Kappock School (P.S. 98), 512 W. 212th St.
  • Miquel Tactuk, Region 10 Technology Center
  • Jacqueline Thorne-Figueroa, Mahilia Jackson School (P.S. 123), 301 W. 140th St.
  • Felix Ruben Tineo, Roberto Clemente School (I.S. 195), 625 W. 133rd St.
  • Linda Troncoso Lo, Hudson Honors Middle School (M.S. 865), 210 W. 61st. St.
  • Yvonne Wilkinson-Newbold, Mary McLeod Bethune Academy (P.S. 92), 222 W. 134th St.
  • Alexandra Zarate, Shorac Kappock School (P.S. 98), 512 W. 212th St.

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About The Goldman Sachs Foundation

The Goldman Sachs Foundation is a global philanthropic organization funded by The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. The Foundation's mission is to promote excellence and innovation in education and to improve the academic performance and lifelong productivity of young people worldwide. It achieves this mission through a combination of strategic partnerships, grants, loans, private sector investments, and the deployment of professional talent from Goldman Sachs. Funded in 1999, the Foundation has awarded grants of $72 million since its inception, providing opportunities for young people in more than 20 countries.

About Region 10

Region 10 is a thriving and diverse community made up of over 110 schools situated within the Upper West Side, Harlem, and Washington Heights communities.  Many of our schools are “Schools of Choice” that offer a myriad of programs, which include: Gifted and Talented, Dual Language, The Arts, Parental support and Counseling, After-school and Community-Based Organization collaborations.  Our core curriculum is supplemented by comprehensive advisory and sports programs, accelerated study, as well as an array of enrichment and after-school programs.