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September 21, 2010

Two CCNY Graduates Named Brandeis Fellows

 Brandeis Fellow - Ana Egas

Ana C. Egas, a 2010 CCNY alumna, will spend the next year in Ecuador as a Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellow. Photo credit: Justin Reid.


Linda Jandejskova, a 2009 graduate, will spend her Brandeis fellowship in India, Nepal and Brazil.

Ana C. Egas and Linda Jandejskova, both recent graduates of The City College of New York (CCNY), are headed to South America and Asia this fall to document social change there as 2010 Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellows. They are the ninth and tenth CCNY students, respectively, to receive the prestigious awards since 1994.

The fellowships provide support to students in the visual and fine arts, including art history, conservation, studio art and photography, for travel and living expenses overseas. Each fellow receives a $19,000 stipend from the Mortimer and Sara Hays Endowment at Brandeis University.
Ms. Egas, an Ecuadorian-born photographer who graduated last May with a BA in visual arts, will spend the next year in her homeland. There she will use her camera to capture what she describes as “the profound changes” the new Ecuadorian constitution is instituting for the nation’s 3.5 million- strong indigenous population.

“One of them is the right to their own autonomous governments,” the Brooklyn resident noted.

At the end of the fellowship, Ms. Egas’ images will be published in her debut photographic book, “Somos Muchos,” (We Are Many), scheduled for release next year. 

“I am very thankful that the fellowship was awarded to me at this particular time in my life,” Ms. Egas said. “Graduation is the end of one cycle and my upcoming project the beginning of a new one. With the generous help of the fellowship my career as a photographer looks much brighter and exciting!”
Social transformation is also the theme of Ms. Jandejskova’s year-long fellowship that will take her to India, Nepal and Brazil. The 2009 graduate, who earned a BS in multimedia arts, will create a series of documentary films highlighting the work and lives of exceptional women educators engaged in innovative social transformation. In addition, Ms. Jandejskova will develop a web site to serve as a social network and open forum for educators and individuals interested in transforming their societies. 
“From child rescue in Calcutta and child laborer advocacy in Kathmandu to the fight for the future of the forest and its peoples in Amazon, these women are among the world’s most powerful catalysts for societal transformation,” said Ms. Jandejskova, a Czech native. 
“My objective is to use video and photography to document their work and to share their philosophies and methods with a wider, interested audience. I hope to introduce their stories as best as I can to be able to encourage and inspire individuals to understand that they themselves have the right and potential to transform their own society into more responsible, just and sensitive system."

Funded by income from the Mortimer and Sara Hays Endowment at Brandeis University, the Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship provides support to students in the visual and fine arts for travel overseas in accordance with a program of study or other activities approved by the selection committee.
Only students from a select group of institutions – among them Brandeis, Boston, Columbia, Harvard and Yale Universities in addition to CCNY – are eligible for the Fellowship. Criteria for selecting Fellows include:

• Merit of the project and its proposed outcomes;

• Relationship of the project to the candidate’s professional or creative goals;

• Clarity of the project goals and means by which they will be achieved; and appropriateness of one 
year as the time period within which to accomplish the project and its goals.