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December 7, 2009

CCNY Librarian Wins 2009 ‘I Love My Librarian’ Award

Seamus Scanlon, a librarian at The City College of New York (CCNY) Center for Worker Education (CWE), located in Lower Manhattan, has been selected as a recipient of a 2009 Carnegie Corporation of New York/New York Times “I Love My Librarian” Award.  He and nine other librarians from around the country were honored at a reception held at the newspaper’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters Thursday, December 3.

The award celebrates librarians who have had a significant impact on their communities or schools and recognizes their outstanding accomplishments in improving the lives of the people they serve.  As an honoree, Mr. Scanlon received a $5,000 grant and a plaque for the library.Seamus Scanlon

“It is a great honor that the library service we offer to students and faculty was recognized by the Carnegie Corporation and the New York Times as a significant component of the learning environment at CWE,” said Mr. Scanlon, who dedicated his award to Grace-Ellen McCrann, a CCNY librarian who passed away unexpectedly one week ago.

Mr. Scanlon, a native of Galway, Ireland, who moved to New York in 2005 and completed an M.F.A. in Creative Writing at City College in 2006, has been the librarian at CWE since 2007.  He previously worked in the Cohen and Music Libraries on the main CCNY campus.  Before coming to the United States he worked in libraries in Cambridge University, the University of Southampton, Queens University, Belfast and Leabharlann James Hardiman at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

In remarks at the award ceremony, Mr. Scanlon recalled how the library in his hometown of Galway was located on the second floor of a courthouse, and to reach the haven of the library he would have to walk past prisoners, guards and chain-smoking court clerks.  Because of this, he developed an early interest in crime fiction.

Pamela Gillespie, CCNY Associate Dean and Chief Librarian praised Mr. Scanlon for his ability “to work closely with students over time, allowing him to reinforce their research and follow up with suggestions as they craft their written documents.  He’s thoroughly involved in the educational process and, because of that, he is able to have a direct impact on their academic success.”

“From the beginning, Seamus showed great professionalism and dedication to the students, especially with helping them navigate the library and research system,” added Juan Carlos Mercado, Dean of the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center.  “He has a great sense of humor that makes both colleagues and students feel comfortable working with him.”

In addition to his M.F.A. from CCNY, Mr. Scanlon holds a B.S. and a Higher Diploma in Education from the National University of Ireland in Galway and a D.L.I.S. and M.S. from Thames Valley University in London.