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July 13, 2007


NEW YORK, July 13, 2007 – Juan Carlos Mercado has been appointed Acting Dean of the Division of Worker Education of The City College of New York (CCNY)’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, it was announced today by Dr. Gregory H. Williams, the College’s President.  The appointment was approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees at its June 26 meeting.

Professor Mercado replaces Daniel E. Lemons, who resigned to become Acting Associate Provost and Dean for Science at the CUNY Graduate Center effective July 1.  He had been Professor and Chair of Foreign Languages and Literature at CCNY and he also teaches at the Graduate Center.

“We are very fortunate to have a faculty member of Professor Mercado’s experience and qualifications to take on the leadership of this very important division of the College,” said President Williams in announcing the appointment.  “Since his arrival at City College, Professor Mercado has served with distinction.”

During his tenure as chair, the Department’s enrollment increased from 600 to 1,500 students, President Williams noted.  It currently offers classes in 10 different languages each semester and has approximately 200 majors in Romance Languages as well as a very robust Masters Program in Spanish.

Professor Mercado came to CCNY as a visiting Associate Professor in 1999.  The following year, he was appointed Associate Professor and Chair.  In 2002, he was promoted to Professor and Chair.  He has also been on the Graduate Center faculty since 2001.  Prior to CCNY, he spent nine years on the faculty at East Stroudsburg State University in East Stroudsburg, Pa.

He holds a Ph.D, in 19th Century Latin American Literature and an M.A.in Philosophy from the CUNY Graduate Center, an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Queens College and a B.A. from National University of Comahue.  His academic and professional honors include: a grant from Spain’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in 2003; the CUNY Alumni Achievement Award in 2001, and a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship in 1992.

About the Division of Worker Education

The Division of Worker Education, headquartered at the Center for Worker Education (CWE) in Lower Manhattan, is a division of The City College of New York’s (CCNY) College of Liberal Arts & Science.  It offers an excellent interdisciplinary B.A. degree in Liberal Arts with a number of special concentrations. The Center for Worker Education also hosts the CCNY School of Education’s B.S. in Early Childhood Education. Founded in 1981, the Division has become one of the leading educational institutions for working adults in New York City.  It attracts over 750 working professionals per semester and reflects the multi-ethnic composition of New York City.

About The City College of New York

For 160 years, The City College of New York has provided low-cost, high-quality education for New Yorkers in a wide variety of disciplines.  Over 13,000 students pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Architecture, the School of Education, the Grove School of Engineering, the Center for Worker Education and the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education.