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May 5, 2008


NEW YORK, May 5, 2008 – Corey E. Sullivan, who will receive an M.A. in TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) from The City College of New York’s (CCNY) School of Education this summer, has received a 2008-2009 Fulbright Scholars Award to teach English in Spain.

It is the second consecutive year that a City College student has been awarded a Fulbright. In 2007, Jessica Tibbets, an International Studies major, received a Scholars Award to study in Yemen. 

“I am incredibly honored and excited to have this opportunity. I loved Madrid and to be able to go back there and work in a field that I’m interested in is tremendous,” said Ms. Sullivan. As an undergraduate at New York University, where she graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in History and Politics, she spent a semester studying Spanish in Spain’s capital.

She will use her 10-month Fulbright tenure, which begins in August, to investigate how the Spanish education system accounts for immigration, and she will compare their approach with the United States.

“I want to understand how second language acquisition is addressed within the school system, particularly for immigrants acquiring Spanish,” said Ms. Sullivan, a Manhattan resident. “I want to observe, on a macro and micro level, how the education system is organized and how policies are applied in the classroom.”

Ms. Sullivan, whose goal is to teach bilingual education, hopes her Fulbright experience will hone her communication skills in the classroom when she returns.  “In the long term, I hope to use the information and research collected abroad to develop better education policies for language learners, particularly regarding bilingual education,” she said.

As part of her M.A. program at City College, she taught English as a Second Language to elementary students at P.S. 156 in the South Bronx for the past two years.  As a continuation of this, she hopes the Fulbright Program will place her in a secondary school in Spain. 

“That’s one of the reasons I applied to Spain as a host country because they had the option to teach in secondary schools rather than only at the university level,” she said.

Another reason was her goal to become more fluent in Spanish. The Boston native said New York’s diversity, which is reflected at CCNY, influenced her decision to learn the language when she moved here.

“Moving to New York City forced me to realize the importance of bilingualism and multicultural awareness,” Ms. Sullivan said. “It was here that I finally saw firsthand the role language plays in facilitating communication.  My desire to communicate with those around me, and to participate in this global world in a more understanding and direct way, drove me to minor in Spanish while in college.”

About the Fulbright Scholar Program

Established in 1946 under legislation introduced by the late Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas, the program’s purpose is to build mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries. Fulbright Scholars are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement and demonstrated leadership potential in their fields. Among the thousands of prominent Fulbright Scholars are Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, Pulitzer Prize-winner poet Rita Dove and Craig Barrett, Chairman of the Board of Intel Corp.

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