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June 13, 2008


NEW YORK, June 12, 2008 – “Dominican Business Sector in the United States: Origin, Challenges and Future Perspectives,” the first national seminar to examine this segment of the economy, will be held June 13-15 at The City College of New York (CCNY).  The seminar seeks to generate new knowledge about Dominican businesses by focusing on the experiences of Dominican entrepreneurs, participation of Dominicans in business organizations, and scholarly research on Dominican businesses.

The Seminar is sponsored by the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute at The City College (CUNY DSI) and the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), in collaboration with the Presidential Councils for Dominicans Abroad (CCPDE) of New York and Philadelphia, the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GPHCC), the Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR), JetBlue and AERODOM.

Featured speakers will include representatives of the most dynamic sectors of the Dominican business community in the United States. They include successful entrepreneurs from Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, which has the fifth-largest Dominican population in the United States.

These entrepreneurs will describe how they began their businesses and share their visions for the future. They represent more than 12 business sectors including construction, transportation, banking, food and cosmetology. Representatives of Dominican Chambers of Commerce and other business groups from New York City, Long Island, upstate New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Florida will participate in a series of discussions on the history of Dominican participation in these organizations.

“It is important for the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute to create sound academic knowledge about the Dominican people in the various areas and to provide opportunities for the dissemination of that knowledge, said Dr. Ramona Hernández, Director of the CUNY-DSI and Professor of Sociology at The City College. “The business seminar provides the space for Dominican entrepreneurs to tell their stories, to tell us how they see and understand their own history. 

Ultimately, all Dominicans are responsible for helping to shape the views and the understanding about them. CUNY DSI is grateful for the opportunity to help facilitate this process.”

“As an institution with a large Dominican student population, The City College of New York is invested in the future of the Dominican community,” said CCNY President Dr. Gregory H. Williams. “We are pleased to be able to be able to engage the community through this seminar and thank the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute for its leadership on this initiative.”

“FUNGLODE embraces the opportunity to join forces with Dominicans who live abroad to organize activities that strengthen the ties among all Dominicans, particularly with those living in the Dominican Republic” said María E. Rodríguez, Projects Director for FUNGLODE. 

“Jet Blue and AERODOM are excited about the opportunity to initiate a conversation about the ways in which the Dominican market in the United States and in the Dominican Republic can be connected through an appropriate infrastructure that is both fast and efficient” indicated Craig Jenks, President of Airline/Aircraft Projects, Inc. speaking on behalf of JetBlue and AERODOM. 

The seminar begins with a reception 7 p.m. Friday, June 13at the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute at The City College. It continues all day Saturday, June 14, and concludes Sunday morning, June 15. 

The Institute is located at the City College Campus (160 Convent Avenue, off West 138th Street) in the North Academic Building, Room 4-107.  Seminar attendance is free, but seating is limited. Prospective attendees must reserve seats by calling 212-650-7496 or emailing to For any additional information about the conference, interested individuals may contact José Bello at CUNY-DSI, 212-650-5878.

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