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January 11, 2006


NEW YORK, January 11, 2006 – The City College of New York (CCNY) has added two new undergraduate degree programs that bridge the science and engineering disciplines for the first time.  The new Bachelor of Science in Environmental & Earth System Science and Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental & Earth System Engineering are also the first of their kind to be offered by a CUNY or SUNY college.

 “To be able to work in federal agencies such as NASA or NOAA, scientists need to become better versed in engineering and vice-versa,” said Professor Jeff Steiner, chairman of the CCNY Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Department.  “These new undergraduate programs will apply these synergies so undergrads can become part of a new generation of cross-disciplinary scientists and engineers.”

The Bachelor of Science degree is structured around the science core curriculum with students taking additional courses in engineering.  The Bachelor of Engineering degree is built upon the engineering core curriculum and incorporates additional science coursework.  Participating departments include Earth & Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

A faculty oversight committee with representatives from the participating departments will work with students on an individual basis to help them design programs tailored to their interests, Professor Steiner noted.  Course offerings will evolve over time to keep abreast of technology trends. 

“We’re trying to focus the program so that it optimizes the job opportunities available to our students,” he added.  Prospective employers for program graduates include federal agencies, state and local environmental agencies, environmental services and consulting firms, environmental product and instrument manufacturers and government contractors.

Several CCNY research institutes, including the Cooperative Center for Remote Sensing Science and Technology (NOAA-CREST) and the Center for Optical Sensing and Imaging (NASA-COSI) already draw upon both disciplines. 

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