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October 11, 2005


NEW YORK, October 11, 2005 – The City College of New York (CCNY) announced today that the National Institute of Health (NIH) has approved its five-year grant through the RCMI (Research Centers for Minority Institutions) initiative.  The grant, which is retroactive to August 2005, provides $2.158 million in year one funding with recommendations for an additional $10.3 million over the life of the grant.  Notification of the approval was received in late September.

“The City College has participated in the RCMI initiative since it was established in 1985,” noted President Dr. Gregory H. Williams, who is Principal Investigator for the grant.  “The program has played a vital role in strengthening our science faculty and enabling us to provide better facilities and expanded research opportunities for our students.  This new commitment from NIH will enable us to build on our 20-year track record of accomplishment, and we thank NIH for its ongoing support.”

With the proceeds of the grant, The City College plans to add four scientists to its faculty, one for each of the four research specializations within the Center for the Study of the Cellular and Molecular Basis of Development: Bio-molecular Structure and Function; Cancer; Neurobiology, and Immunology.  The Center is the research arm that was created through the RCMI funding.  Under the direction of Dr. Jerry Guyden, Professor of Biology, it has developed into a center of research excellence with an increased level of national recognition.

The grant pays the first two years of salary for new faculty plus support personnel and funds refurbishment of laboratory space and travel to conferences.  After the second year, the faculty member receives a funding line from the state of New York.

In addition, CCNY plans to use some of the proceeds to replace an existing Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting machine and to acquire a Confocal Microscope.  The microscope, expected to cost over $215,000, will support the work of nine principal investigators and over 40 other research personnel and obviate the need to use for-fee facilities at other research institutions in New York and Boston.

Since becoming a charter participant in the RCMI initiative in 1985, CCNY has been able to hire 21 additional faculty members in biology, chemistry, physics and biomedical education and to renovate laboratory facilities to accommodate them.  With the exception of the latest hires, who were appointed in 2003, all have obtained tenure.

The current RCMI faculty rank among CCNY’s most prolific researchers.  Since 1990, collectively they have brought in $35 million of research support above and beyond the RCMI grants and have published over 400 papers and given more than 600 research presentations at conferences around the country.

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