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May 2, 2008


NEW YORK, May 2, 2008 -- Noted author and journalist Jonathan Schell will be the keynote speaker at a conference 9:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 5, honoring Dr. Randall C. Forsberg, the City College scholar and international authority on peace and disarmament who passed away last fall. His talk is at 6:00 p.m. in CCNY’s The Great Hall, Shepard Hall, located at 138 and Convent Avenue, Manhattan.

The day-long conference is entitled, “The End of War: A Conference in Honor of Randall Forsberg, The first Anne and Bernard Spitzer Chair of Political Science and International Security Studies at The City College of New York.” The other speakers are distinguished scholars and thinkers from leading universities in the United States and Canada.     

“Randy Forsberg dedicated her scholarship and public work to understanding the causes of war and the conditions for its amelioration and eventual abolition,” said Dr. Vince Boudreau, Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department at CCNY. “It is therefore fitting that The City College welcomes this august assembly of her peers to memorialize her work for peace and her scholarly vision of an end to war.”

For more information about the “End of War” conference in The Great Hall and the schedule of speakers, please contact Professor Vince Boudreau at (212) 650-5848.  

About Jonathan Schell

Jonathan Schell is the author of “The Fate of the Earth,” “The Time of Illusion” and “The Unconquerable World: Power Nonviolence and the Will of the People,” among other books. He was a reporter in Vietnam for the New Yorker Magazine, where he remained as a staff writer from 1967 to 1987. From 1990 to 1996, he was a columnist at New York Newsday. He has taught at many universities, including Wesleyan, Emory, Princeton, The New School, and the Yale Law School. He is currently a Fellow at the Nation Institute, Peace and Disarmament Editor for The Nation magazine, and a Visiting Lecturer at Yale University. 

About Randall Caroline Forsberg

Dr. Randall Forsberg was one of the most prominent thinkers, writers and speakers on peace and disarmament. She was appointed the first Anne and Bernard Spitzer Chair of Political Science and International Security Studies at CCNY in 2006 and remained in the position until her death in October 2007. Professor Forsberg began work at SIPRI, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, in 1968. In 1980, she founded the Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies (IDDS), a think tank for research on ways to reduce the risk of war. She was awarded a MacArthur Grant (the “genius” award) in 1982.  In 1989, Professor Forsberg briefed President George H. W. Bush on arms control before his first meeting with Soviet President Gorbachev. President Clinton appointed her to the national advisory board of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in 1995.

Professor Forsberg, who earned a Ph.D. in political science from MIT, wrote or edited many books. These include, Resources Devoted to Military Research and Development (SIPRI): 1972), Peace Resource Book (Lexington Books: 1985) and Nonproliferation Primer (MIT Press: 1995). She contributed to several publications, among them Scientific American and World Policy Journal; and edited the annually updated IDDS Database: World Arms Holdings, Production, and Trade; and the monthly Arms Control Reporter.     

About The Anne and Bernard Spitzer Chair in Political Science

The Spitzer Chair was established through a gift from Bernard Spitzer ’43, a prominent New York real estate developer, and his wife, Anne, Adjunct Professor of English Literature at Manhattan Marymount College.  

About The City College of New York

For more than 160 years, The City College of New York has provided low-cost, high-quality education for New Yorkers in a wide variety of disciplines. Over 14,000 students pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; The School of Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture (SAUDLA); The School of Education; The Grove School of Engineering, and The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. For additional information, visit


      Conference participants will include:

  • Andrew Mack, Director, Human Security Report Project, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia;
  • Joshua S. Goldstein, Professor Emeritus of International Relations, American University;
  • Jack L. Snyder, Robert and Renée Belfer Professor of International Relations, Columbia University;
  • Bruce Russett, Dean Acheson Professor of Political Science and Professor of International & Area Studies, Yale University;
  • John Mueller, The Woody Hayes Chair of National Security Studies, Mershon Center, Ohio State University;
  • Richard Price, Associate Professor, Political Science, University of British Columbia;
  • Lynn Eden, Associate Director for Research/Senior Research Scholar, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University;
  • James L. Payne; Political Scientist and independent scholar;
  • Judith V. Reppy, Professor, Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University;
  • Matthew Evangelista, Professor of Government & Director, Peace Studies Program, Cornell University.