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October 24, 2013

Expansion of the Careers and Professional Development Institute

North Academic Center, The City College of New York

Questions and Answers
October 24, 2013

Since the recent expansion of the City College Careers and Professional Development Institute, there have been inquiries as to why the institute is expanding and will this impact the college’s ongoing mission of serving and meeting community needs. The following questions and answers are designed to ensure faculty, staff, students and the community know that City College remains committed to addressing the needs of the communities it serves.

Why is space on the third floor in the North Academic Center at City College being repurposed?
A room in the North Academic Center (NAC) has been reallocated for the expansion of the City College Careers and Professional Development Institute to provide additional services to students seeking assistance in transitioning from college to the workplace. City College is committed to providing every available resource to give students a competitive edge in the job market.

Why is the Careers and Professional Development Institute expanding?
Launched in spring 2012, the Careers and Professional Development Institute is located on the first floor of the NAC. The expansion, which now includes an additional office on the third floor of the NAC for students involved in experiential learning, provides a much-needed quiet space for City College students to meet with alumni and professional employers to talk about internships and seek advice on various careers.

The close proximity of the third floor space to the first floor office is convenient, useful, and practical. City College is committed to meeting the needs of students by ensuring they have the resources and professional assistance needed to get a job in their fields of study upon graduation.

When did the expansion of the Careers and Professional Development Institute occur?
The move took place during the weekend so that it would be less disruptive to the college.

Does City College provide space for students and student clubs?
Yes. City College students have every access to campus facilities and are encouraged to use existing procedures through the Student Affairs area to reserve space for meetings, events, and event planning. City College is responsible for all space on campus and does not offer reservations on a permanent basis.

What will happen with the contents that were previously in the third floor room?
All the previous contents from the third floor room prior to the expansion are in storage for safekeeping and will be returned appropriately through a process in coordination with self-identified student leaders.

How will City College continue achieving its mission of engaging students and meeting the needs of the community?
City College will continue to engage students and meet with community leaders to develop, improve, and strengthen its approach to a more holistic way of providing more efficient services to the community.

What is City College’s response to recent demonstrations?
City College remains committed to its mission of supporting free speech, students’ rights to protest, and being responsive to the community as exemplified by many and ongoing year-round activities and events hosted by the college.