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CCNY In the News

  • May 19, 2011

    Bruce Ricker, Who Made Jazz Documentaries, Is Dead at 68

    NY Times
    Mr. Ricker graduated from CCNY in 1965.

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  • May 19, 2011

    Bruce Ricker; love of jazz fueled his documentaries

    Boston Globe
    Mr. Ricker graduated from CCNY in 1965

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  • May 17, 2011

    The Funeral Party Ran Off; Now Go Chase It Down

    NY Times
    Show "now in a revival ably directed by David Willinger," CCNY prof. of theater.

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  • May 17, 2011

    Look who's talking

    NY Post
    Geoffrey Canada of Harlem Children’s Zone will speak at CCNY commencement.

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  • May 15, 2011

    Corporate Ladder: CCNY's Martin Moskovits

    Crain's New York Business
    Dr. Martin Moskovits named provost & chief academic officer of CCNY.

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  • May 13, 2011

    "Over 60…And Getting Younger:

    Author is CCNY alumnus

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  • May 12, 2011

    New York Today: Free and Cheap Events, May 12th 2011

    NY Daily News
    CUNY Jazz Festival is highlighted under "Jazzed up".

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  • May 4, 2011

    Tuesday panel of professors covers death’s impact

    The Daily Princetonian
    Prof. Darren Staloff, a panel member, is quoted.

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  • May 3, 2011

    A band of brothers

    Hindustan Times
    Excellent op-ed on U.S.-Pakistan relations by CCNY history professor
    Ravi Kalia.

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  • April 28, 2011

    Security Team Shuffle Suggests Cautious Period Ahead

    National Public Radio
    Spitzer Chair, Rajan Menon is quoted by NPR.

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  • April 27, 2011

    Brooklyn Bridge Was al-Qaida Terror Target

    Civil Engineering Prof. Anil Agrawal is quoted.

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  • April 26, 2011

    Bloomberg’s Big Push for an Applied Sciences School

    NY Times
    Grove School is cited as one of NYC's engineering programs.

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  • April 25, 2011

    Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream

    Spitzer School of Architecture Prof. June Williamson, was selection committee member.

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  • April 24, 2011

    Science Friction: NYC, schools push tech

    Crain's NY Business
    Advanced Science Research Center at CCNY

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  • April 24, 2011

    Teaching Tough Course Led Chemistry Professor to Push Peer-Learning Approach

    Chronicle of Higher Education
    Chemistry Prof. David K. Gosser Jr. is quoted.

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  • April 22, 2011

    Opinion: The Public Role of Latin American Writers

    Fox News Latino
    CCNY Prof. David Unger & Publishing Certificate Program director wrote op/ed.

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  • April 21, 2011

    Rajan Menon: Libya is now a civil war and it is about regime change

    Prof. Rajan Menon's Libya interview on website of Eliot Spitzer's show.

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