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Research Administration

Complete your proposal


The Office of Research Administration (ORA) suggests you make an appointment with us no later than 3 weeks before the deadline. We want to ensure you the highest quality service. With many different deadlines from numerous funding agencies, an early appointment guarantees that all necessary work will be completed and your proposal submitted on time.

Q. Three Weeks? What do I need to do during that time?

A. Create a request for proposal assistance through PARS.  Within 3 business days, you will be contacted by the Grants Administrator (GA) who will be handling your proposal.  When filling out the request in PARS, please provide the the Request For Application (RFA) from the sponsoring agency and a draft of your budgetary needs. The GA will review the RFA to ensure compliance with submission requirements, agency standards and CCNY policies. The GA will also prepare all the sponsor forms. At this time you will also receive a transmittal sheet.

Q. What is a Transmittal Sheet?

A. Many projects require approval of Release Time. Moreover, projects may require extra space, or cost sharing. These need to be approved by the Chair, Dean and Provost. The Transmittal sheet indicates internal approval from the institution and allows for the disbursement of funds.

The Transmittal sheet will also identify if you have human or animal subjects in your proposal. Have you seen the IRB administrator (Tricia Mayhew-Noel) or Animal Care Facility Manager (Harry Acosta)?

Upon return on the completed Transmittal Sheet to ORA, the institutional information will be added and preparation will begin for submission. After further review by both the PI and the GA, the ORA will provide Institutional Authorization and submit the proposal.