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Research Administration

Pre-Award Process Overview

All proposals submitted to federal, state or city agencies and some foundations must be reviewed and approved by an authorized institutional official. The Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs (GSP) is the institutional official to sign on behalf of the City College of New York. Faculty planning on submitting a proposal are encouraged to begin the process at least 2 weeks prior to the proposal submission deadline. GSP recommends that you make an appointment to visit us at the beginning of the proposal process to plan the electronic submission process. Additional appointments should be made to discuss and review guidelines, prepare sponsor and college budgets and discuss sponsor requirements.

In order to manage this process efficiently, GSP suggests that faculty schedule an appointment at least five (5) business days prior to the proposal submission deadline to finalize the proposal budget.

Two (2) working days prior to the deadline all the proposal text and other submission documents must be uploaded to enable the Authorized Institutional Official to review the proposal for compliance prior to submission.

It is the faculty member’s responsibility to ensure that all final and approved materials are uploaded and thereafter to inform the GSP that the proposal is cleared for GSP submission (“pushing the button”) at least 1 full business day prior the submission deadline. This will give GSP and the PI time to correct any errors that may be encountered and re-submit before the deadline.

If the deadline occurs after working hours (for example 11:59 PM) the clearance for GSP submission must be given before the close of business (5:00 PM) unless special arrangements are made. All submissions approved for GSP submission less than three (3) hours before the deadline or after the 5:00 PM can not be guaranteed by GSP.

The City College of New York requires internal approval prior to proposal submission (Internal Processing Form). Chair, Dean and Associate Provost approval in Cayuse SP must be completed before GSP can submit the proposal.