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Research Administration

Staff Profiles



 adam new

Adam Greenberg, Acting Director

Phone: 212-650-7904 | Fax: 212-650-7906

Adam oversees all activities of the Office of Research Administration (ORA). In consultation with the Associate Provost for Research, he provides institutional authorization for grant and contract proposals, ensuring compliance with CUNY policies as well as State and Federal regulations. ORA serves as liaison between CCNY and its fiscal agent for grant and contract awards, the CUNY Research Foundation.

 greg new

Greg Werhner, Grants Administrator (GA)

Phone: 212-650-7900 | Fax: 212-650-7906

Greg works with PIs to prepare proposals by developing budgets, managing online submissions and responding to requests from sponsoring agencies. He also ensures compliance with submission requirements, agency standards and CCNY policies.

 Scroll Grotesque - Candice

Candice Baptiste-Sexton, Grants Administrator (GA) / IT Officer

Phone: 212-650-7905 | Fax: 212-650-7906

Candice assists PIs with the preparation of budgets and proposals.  She administers the online Proposal Assistance Request System (PARS), and manages proposal submissions.  Candice also manages all of the Information Technology tasks for the office, including the website.

 miles new

Ana Delgado, Sponsored Programs Assistant (SPA)

Phone: 212-650-7910 | Fax: 212-650-7906

Ana assists PIs with hiring new employees, E-verification, applying to the PSC CUNY Research Award Program and preparing forms for RF account expenditures. She also produces and distributes the ORA Newsletter.

 dennis new

Dennis Githui, Sponsored Programs Assistant (SPA)

Phone: 212-650-7901 | Fax: 212-650-7906

Dennis assists PIs with budget preparation, summer salaries and payment authorizations. He also inputs database entries, keeps track and organizes submitted proposals and transmittal sheets.

 Harp Grotesque - Alvaro

Alvaro Munoz-Hansen, College Assistant

Phone: 212-650-5418 | Fax: 212-650-7906

Alvaro provides administrative assistance throughout the office.  He also maintains the database, and processes awards.