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Peer Health Educator Program


It is up to you to take care of the one body that you have. Wouldn't you want to treat it...right?


The concept of "eating smart" is much easier said than done. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about combingmanpower and willpower with practical suggestions that will help motivate you to eat healthy and be active.

Healthy Monday Campaign

Healthy Monday is a national public health initiative aimed at helping students to become more accountable for lifestyle choices that affect their health. Mondays mark the beginning of the week and is a day that people are more likely to make health related behavior changes.

Weekly interactive tabling events are held outside the cafeteria in the NAC building every Monday from 12-2pm. Each tabling event focuses on health issues including: nutrition, fitness, sexual health, and smoking cessation. We also highlight various on-campus resources and FREE GIVEAWAYS that are available to support student efforts in making healthy choices.