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Core Major Requirements

One Logic Course: 20100 or 20200 (if students take both, they do not both count toward major)

Two Courses in the History of Philosophy Sequence: 30500 (Ancient) and 30600 (Modern)

Elective Courses

Three Courses in core areas of philosophy, chosen from the following list:

  • 30700 Metaphysics and Epistemology
  • 30800 Ethics
  • 30900 Social and Political Philosophy
  • 32200 Philosophy of Science
  • 32300 Philosophy of Mind
  • 32400 Philosophy of Language
  • 32500 Aesthetics
  • 35000 Major Philosopher(s)

Four Additional Electives in Philosophy:

  • These must be courses whose numbers are larger than 30000 (hence honors 30001 may count as an elective course).
  • These electives may be drawn from the list of courses in core areas of philosophy, but the same course cannot count twice.

A course in which a student receives a D cannot count toward the major.

Prerequisites: All courses numbered 30700 or higher must have, as a prerequisite, one of the following: 10200; or 200-level philosophy course or higher; or permission of instructor.

Philosophy Minor Requirements

Elective Courses (307 or higher)

  • Four additional courses in Philosophy (12 credits)
  • Two related electives in other departments (6 credits)

(Related courses may be taken in such areas as Art, Biology, Economics, English, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Consult the Department Chair or a Department advisor in selecting such courses.)

Click here for more information, please consult the chapter entitled Degree Requirements at the end of the Bulletin.

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