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Physics 20800 Lab Manual



Standing Waves in Strings
Exp. 1 Standing Waves in Strings
Introduction to the Oscilloscope


Refelection, Refraction, Dispersion
Exp. 2 Reflection, Refraction, Dispersion
  • Graph Paper (None)
  • Video
Diffraction Grating
Exp. 3 Diffraction Grating and Interference
  • Graph Paper (None)
  • Video
Electrostatic Potential, Electrostatic Field
Exp. 4 Electric Potential, Electric Field
Oscilloscope, RC Circuits
Exp. 5 Oscilloscope and RC circuits
  • Graph Paper (None)
  • Video (None)
Electromagnetic Induction B
Exp. 6 Electromagnetic Induction - B
Electrical Resonance
Exp. 7 Electrical Resonance