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Careers in Optics and Photonics (OSA)

Optics/Photonics Concentration 191

4-Year Plan
Required Courses

32300: Quantum Mechanics 3
35100: Mechanics 4
35400: Electricity and Magnetism II 3
45200: Optics
47100: Advanced Physics Laboratory II
45300: Physical Photonics I/Laser Optics
58000: Physical Photonics II

Applied Physics Electives: 15

Additional electives may be selected from

55400: Solid State Physics
58100: Physical Photonics III/Wave Transmission Optics
EE 59801

39100: Methods of Differential Equations 3
39200: Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis 3

Total Credits for Applied Physics Concentration 39

Program Sheet

Comparison with other concentrations

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