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Secondary Education

National Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics (T-TEP) (PTEC)

"The physics teacher preparation program at City College of New York addresses the needs of a large urban school system through a strong collaboration between the physics and secondary education departments."  Transforming the Preparation of Physics Teachers: A Call to Action, 2012, page 68.  2013TTEP

CCNY Physics Teacher Preparation Program Cited for Excellence

The City College of New York was one of only 11 colleges and universities nationwide cited for excellence in physics teacher preparation, according to a new national study. The report, produced by the National Task Force on Teacher Education in Physics (T-TEP), pointed out that physics has a greater shortage of teachers than any other science discipline.

Secondary Education Concentration 193

Pedagogical requirements are listed in the Department of Education section of the CCNY Undergraduate Bulletin.

4-Year Plan

Required Courses
35100: Mechanics 4
35300: Electricity and Magnetism I 3
35400: Electricity and Magnetism II 3
37100: Advanced Physics Lab I 2
45100: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics 3
45200: Optics 3
32100: Modern Physics 3

Electives to be chosen in consultation with the major's adviser 6

Total Credits for Secondary Ed. Concentration 27


Program Sheet

Comparison with other concentrations

4-Year Plans, Overviews in pop-up windows for comparison

Concentration Faculty

Prof. Richard Steinberg