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Physics Department Current Events

August 29, 2014, 2:00 PM;
Room 329, Marshak Science Building, City College of New York

High Energy Physics Seminar

Dr. Octavian Micu
Institute for Space Sciences, Bucharest, Romania

"Horizon wave-function, the quantum hoop conjecture and black holes as BEC of gravitons"

The issue of black hole formation from quantum matter will be adressed. We introduce the horizon wave-function for quantum mechanical states representing a single localised particle, from which we derive a GUP. For two highly-boosted non-interacting particles that collide in (1+1)-dimensions, this wave-function determines a probability that the system becomes a black hole depending on the initial momenta and spatial separation between the particles, thus extending the hoop conjecture to quantum mechanics and yielding corrections to its classical counterpart. The formalism will be applied to a model of black holes as BEC of gravitons.

Octavian Micu, Ph.D.

Octavian Micu, Ph.D., Institute for Space Sciences, Bucharest, Romania