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CCNY Science Facilities

Science Division Facilities

With a major investment of more than a quarter billion dollars from the State of New York, the construction of world-class science research facilities is underway at the CCNY campus.  Two new science research buildings – one for The City College of New York science research program and a CUNY-wide Advanced Science Research Center that will serve scientists from throughout the City University system – will yield nearly 400,000 square feet for state-of-the-art laboratories and offices, imaging facilities,  Electron Microscopy vivarium, as well as a café and lecture hall. Together with the adjacent New York Structural Biology Center, the buildings will form a research hub that will provide outstanding opportunities for faculty and science students.

Currently, most of the research facilities of the Science division are located in the 360,000 sq. ft. Robert E. Marshak Science Building. The construction of a new vivarium adjacent to the building is near completion.  The Marshak building has undergone major renovation of its structural and HVAC systems.

CCNY Electron Microscopy Center
The Electron Microscopy Center is a shared core facility whose primary goal is to promote scientific support in biological and materials research by providing training in basic operation of the scanning and the transmission electron microscopes.  Room MR-519.

CCNY Confocal Laboratory
The Confocal Microscope shared facility is equipped with a LSM 510 Confocal Laser Scanning System manufactured by Carl Zeiss Inc. LSM 510 is capable of acquiring highest quality digital images at resolutions close to theoretical limits of light microscopy.  Room MR-52

The Division of Science Computer Lab
This new facility located in the lower level of Marshak houses 40 PC's, two projection screens, two wireless LCD projectors, and a wired lectern.  It is used for PC-based instructional classes, such as SCI20000, and is also open to students for general computer use everyday from 9am to 7pm.  Room MR-044.

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR), also a shared research facility, consists of a 600-MHz NMR spectrometer for Structural Biology experiments and a 500-MHz spectrometer for Organic Chemistry research. A 300-MHz spectrometer is also part of the NMR core, and is primarily used in NMR instruction. Rooms MR-101 and MR-1201.

Science Computing Services
The Science Computing Services facility, under the direction of Mr. Karl Li, provides technical support and leadership for all aspects of information technology in the Division of Science.  Room MR-302.

Science Library
The Science Library is committed to providing superior service and resources in support of the instructional and research mission of the College. Room MR-29
Electronics Shop

Hongfeng Du, CCLT
Consultation and repair of research electronic instruments and computers. Electronic design of circuit devices. Room MR402


Machine Shop

Linden Langhorne, CCLT
Mechanical modification or repair of broken parts (if possible), or replacement. Room MR220


Glass Blowing Shop
Custom glassware for research and development. Room 1121A


Lab Safety
Shared Research Equipment

Division departments share major Core Facilities: equipment including the NMR600, NMR500, NMR300, and Zeiss LSM 510 Confocal.

With thanks to Wired New York, "City College of New York South Campus Development"

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SOM-designed Marshak Science Building gets facelift amid R&D building boom at Hamilton Heights campus, by Robert E. Thomas

Marshak Science Building Renovation

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Curving LEED-Gold buildings by KPF and Flad Architects usher in a "Decade of Science" in Harlem, by Aaron Seward

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Advanced Science Research Center 

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