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Physics Ph.D. Recipients

September 2012 Degree

Mr. Yuliang Jin – Prof. Hernan Makse, City College of New York
Statistical Mechanics of Jammed Packings of Spheres.

Mr. Eli Lansey – Prof. David Crouse, City College of New York
Aperture Array Photonic Metamaterials: Theoretical Approaches, Numerical Techniques and a Novel Application.

Mr. Lei Zhang – Prof. Ronald Koder, City College of New York
Engineering Cofactor and Ligand Binding in an Artificial Neuroglobin.

February 2013 Degree

Mr. Bo Wen – Dist. Prof. Myriam Sarachik, City College of New York
Dipolar Interactions, Long Range Order and Random Fields in a Single Molecule Magnet, Mn12-acetate.

May 2013 Degree

Mr. Juraj Tekel – Dist. Prof. V. Parameswaran Nair and Prof. Alexios Polychronakos, City College of New York
Fuzzy Field Theory as a Random Matrix Model.

September 2013 Degree

Mr. Rui Zhang  -  Prof. Joel Koplik, Levich Institute, City College of New York
Nano-scale interactions of particles and drops with heterogeneous surfaces.

Mr. Binlin Wu  -  Prof. Swapan K. Gayen, City College of New York
Time Reversal Optical Tomography and Decomposition Methods for Detection and Localization of Targets in Highly Scattering Turbid Media