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Prospective Students

Why become a Physics Major at the City College of New York?

 Are you curious, unconventional and ambitious? Do you accept nothing unchallenged and like to ask the whys and hows for everything? Are you intrigued about faraway galaxies and quantum particles? If yes, then you have what it takes to become a physics major at the City College of New York.

Physicists in the 21st century sail out for a great adventure that reaches the very limits of the universe as we know it. From subatomic particles to the structure of the cosmos, an array of challenges and opportunities open up for those with the skills and imagination to explore the frontiers of the physical world. A course of studies in physics will make you an insider in all the excitement and will leave you with the knowledge, skills and intellectual confidence to excel in physics or anything else under the sun!

The Physics Department of the City College of New York offers an exciting range of options and possibilities for undergraduate studies. Our students receive an education and hands-on research experience that is second to none and are launched into outstanding scientific or professional careers.

  Physics Alumni