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Joseph Birman
Condensed Matter Theory

Timothy Boyer
Stochastic electrodynamics

Ngee-Pong Chang
Theoretical High Energy Physics

Harold Falk
Condensed Matter Theory

Joel Gersten
Condensed Matter Theory

Pouyan Ghaemi
Condensed Matter Theory

Daniel Greenberger
Neutron interferometry; quantum theory; relativity; history and philosophy of science

Michio Kaku
Astrophysics, Force Unification

Joel Koplik
Soft Condensed Matter Theory

Hernan Makse
Condensed Matter Theory

V. Parameswaran Nair
Quantum field theory

Alexios Polychronakos
Quantum field theory, mathematical physics

David Schmeltzer
Condensed Matter Theory

Brian Tiburzi
High Energy Physics; theoretical nuclear and particle physics; chiral symmetry breaking, lattice gauge theory, electroweak properties of the nucleon