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Undergraduate Courses

For course information (like syllabi, past exams, etc.) see the pages of individual courses. 
Core Courses

Physics 10000: Ideas of Physics

Astronomy 30500: Methods in Astronomy


Introductory Courses

20300-20400: General Physics   (Labs)

20700-20800: General Physics   (Labs)

20900: General Physics: Waves, Optics and Modern Physics

21900: Physics for Architecture Students

30000: Elementary Physics

32100: Modern Physics for Engineers


Elementary Electives

31500: Medical Physics

32300: Quantum Mechanics for Applied Physicists


Advanced Courses

35100: Mechanics

35300: Electricity and Magnetism I

35400: Electricity and Magnetism II

37100: Advanced Physics Laboratory I

42200: Biophysics

45100: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

45200: Optics

45300: Physical Photonics I/Laser Optics

45400: Descriptive Astronomy

47100: Advanced Physics Laboratory II


Honors and Special Courses

30100-30300: Honors I-III

31000: Independent Study

31100-32000: Selected Topics in Physics


Graduate Courses Open to Undergraduates

52200: Biomedical Physics

55100: Quantum Physics I

55200: Quantum Physics II

55400: Solid State Physics

55500: The Physics and Chemistry of Materials

55600: Current Topics in Physics

56100: Materials Science Laboratory

58000: Physical Photonics II

58100: Physical Photonics III/Wave Transmission Optics