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Undergraduate Courses

For course information (like syllabi, past exams, etc.) see the pages of individual courses. 

New for Spring 2014
Special Topic Course

"History and Philosophy of Physics" (Physics 31100)

Core Courses

Physics 10000: Ideas of Physics

Astronomy 30500: Methods in Astronomy


Introductory Courses

20300-20400: General Physics   (Labs)

20700-20800: General Physics   (Labs)

21900: Physics for Architecture Students

30000: Elementary Physics

32100: Modern Physics for Engineers


Elementary Electives

31500: Medical Physics

32300: Quantum Mechanics for Applied Physicists


Advanced Courses

35100: Mechanics

35300: Electricity and Magnetism I

35400: Electricity and Magnetism II

37100: Advanced Physics Laboratory I

42200: Biophysics

45100: Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

45200: Optics

45300: Physical Photonics I/Laser Optics

45400: Descriptive Astronomy

47100: Advanced Physics Laboratory II


Honors and Special Courses

30100-30300: Honors I-III

31000: Independent Study

31100-32000: Selected Topics in Physics


Graduate Courses Open to Undergraduates

52200: Biomedical Physics

55100: Quantum Physics I

55200: Quantum Physics II

55400: Solid State Physics

55500: The Physics and Chemistry of Materials

55600: Current Topics in Physics

56100: Materials Science Laboratory

58000: Physical Photonics II

58100: Physical Photonics III/Wave Transmission Optics