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Political Science

Degree and Major

The major in Political Science requires 36 credits, normally fulfilled by completing 12 three-credit courses.

These courses must include both:

    PSC 10100: American Government and Politics (3 credits)
    PSC 12400: Political Ideas and Issues (3 credits)

And also at least 10 more courses, including the following distribution across the four subfields of political science:

    United States Politics and Government: At least two courses.
    Comparative Politics and Government: At least one course.
    International Relations: At least one course.
    Political Theory and Philosophy: At least one course.

The Department recommends that you take one of the courses listed below, by subfield, as your first course in each of the areas:

    United States Politics and Government
    PSC 22000: The Judiciary
    PSC 22100: The Congress
    PSC 22200: The Presidency

    Comparative Politics and Government

    PSC 10400: World Politics*
    PSC 23000: Contemporary Comparative Politics

    International Relations
    PSC 10400: World Politics*
    PSC 25000: Contemporary International Relations

    *PSC 10400: World Politics can be taken in place of either PSC 23000 or PSC 25000. It cannot take the place of both courses.

    Political Theory and Philosophy

    PSC 27300: Classical Political Thought
    PSC 27400: Modern Political Thought up to 1848
    PSC 27500: Contemporary Political Thought, 1848-present

All Political Science majors must also complete the following courses:

    The New Student Seminar or New Transfer Student Seminar (0 credits)
    English 11000: Freshman Composition (3 credits)
    English 21000 or equivalent: Second Level Writing Course (3 credits)
    Speech 11100 (3 credits) or passage of the Speech Proficiency test
    The College Core Curriculum suitable for a B.A. in political science

In addition, all students must:

    Complete the College Proficiency Examination (after completing 45 but no more than 60 credits).
    Demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language, either by having completed four years of foreign language in high school or a fourth semester-level course at City College.
    Fulfill requirements for Writing Across the Curriculum, which involves three elective-level courses that are identified as requiring at least 3,500 words of writing. Courses designated with a (W) at the end of their course descriptions fulfill this requirement.