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Popular Music Studies

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Welcome to Popular Music Studies at CCNY
The Popular Music Studies track is an area of specialization within the B.A. degree in Music. The track offers a variety of courses on topics in contemporary popular music studies, including history, analysis, composition, performance, and socio-cultural context. Students take the required courses within the B.A. degree and then focus on specific elective courses to fulfill twelve elective credits.  

There is no audition or application for this program other than being a B.A. music major at CCNY (please see the Music Department homepage or Admissions homepage for information about applying to the college). The recommended elective courses are: Rock Analysis, Popular Music Composition, A Survey of Popular Music (History), and three credits of elective selected from: Songwriting, Music and Politics, The Musician Entrepreneur (Business of Music), Jazz History, Rock Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Studio Ensemble Singing, Pop Vocals Workshop, Blues Vocal Workshop, Latin Popular Music, Music Production MIDI and Audio, or a special topics course.

The Popular Music Studies program at CCNY is one of the first academic programs to emphasize the relationship among analysis, history, composition, performance, and socio-cultural context as equally important facets of popular music studies. A complete description of the track is provided on the Program link and an outline of suggested curriculum (what to take and when) is available on the Advising Guide link.

For Current Students: Please see Professor Pieslak each semester for personal advising.  Email: