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Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Community Engagement Fellowship: FAQs

1.     What are the qualities you look for in potential fellows?  

There is no single characteristic that makes a Community Engagement Fellow, but we look for students who demonstrate the following characteristics:

″    Leadership and teamwork: Community Engagement Fellows want to make a difference; they look for opportunities to work with others to create change.

″    Demonstrated commitment: Community Engagement Fellows have already made an investment in their project; they've volunteered or worked in the field, they've completed coursework or outside research in their area of interest, and they have networks of peers, colleagues, and/or faculty who support their work.

″    Commitment to the public good: Community Engagement Fellows have deep concern for issues that affect under-resourced communities at home and abroad.

2.     I'll be transferring to CCNY next year as a junior. May I apply to the program?

Yes. Transfer students are encouraged to apply.

3.     Can I apply to multiple Powell Center programs at the same time?

Yes, but we strongly encourage you to look carefully at the program requirements of each, and choose the program that best fits your interests.You will not be selected for more than one program, so if you apply to multiple programs, you leave the decision of which program accepts you to the selection committee.

4.     If I become a Community Engagement Fellow, can I also take part in another scholarship program?

While you may apply to any scholarship program that CCNY offers, if you receive offers to join more than one program, you must choose the one that best fits your goals and needs. In the past, students who participated in more than one such program typically found themselves overcommitted. Additionally, limiting students to one scholarship program enables more CCNY students to take advantage of scholarship opportunities at CCNY.

5.     Do I choose my own partner organization, or will I be assigned to one?

You are the responsible for the design and implementation of your project, including the identification of a partner organization. Partnering organizations must write a letter confirming that they agree to participate with you in the project, should you be awarded the fellowship.

6.     How much time should I plan to devote to the fellowship program?

Community Engagement Fellows typically spending between 10 and 12 hours a week engaged in activities related to their fellowship. Students accepted into the program must be prepared to structure their schedules around this program of activity.   

7.     Can I attend the fellowship seminars if I am not in the program?  

Unfortunately, no. However, the Center regularly hosts public events. To find out information about these events, follow "Colin Powell School" on Facebook, Twitter @cpowellctr, check out our Google calendar, or join our mailing list.

8.     Where are you located?

The Center is located on the fifth floor of Shepard Hall, in Room 550.

9.     Whom should I contact for further information?  

Colin Dixon, program coordinator,, 212-650-8446.