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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Andras Kisery

Assistant Professor


Division of Humanities and the Arts




NAC 6/318D

p: 212-650-6334

f: 212-650-5410


  • Education

    PhD, Columbia University, 2008

    MPhil, Columbia University, 2004

    MA, University of Bristol, UK, 1995

    Undergraduate Studies, Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary, 1989-1995


  • Courses Taught


    25000: Introduction to literary studies

    31151: Renaissance encounters

    33100: Critical reading and writing 2: and introduction to the study of narratives

    35301: Shakespeare 1: the early plays

    35302: Shakespeare 2: the later plays

    35305: Remaking Shakespeare

    41406: English Renaissance drama

    41156: Law and order: justice on the English Renaissance stage


    B0707: Revenge: tragic drama by Shakespeare and his contemporaries

    B2010: Renaissance encounters: travel and exploration in early modern English writing

  • Research Interests

    See András Kiséry's page

  • Publications


    Hamlet’s moment: English Renaissance drama and political competence
    monograph, in progress.

    Hungarian literature and its intercultural contexts: translation, cultural memory, comparative scholarship(provisional title) collection edited and introduced by András Kiséry, Zsolt Komáromy (Eötvös University, Budapest), Zsuzsanna Varga (University of Edinburgh); in progress, projected completion of manuscript: June 2014.

    Formal Matters: reading the materials of English Renaissance Literature
    ed. and introd. Allison Deutermann and András Kiséry. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2013.

    Vándorló elmélet: Lukács az angolszász világban, ed. and introduction András Kiséry and Zoltán Miklósi. [Traveling theory: Georg Lukács in Anglo-American criticism. A reader] Gond-Cura: Budapest, 2005.

    Academic journal articles and book chapters

    The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare, Vol. I: Shakespeare’s World, ed. Bruce Smith. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (forthcoming in 2014)

    “‘I lack advancement’: public rhetoric, private prudence, and the political agent in Hamlet, 1561-1609”
    English Literary History 81.1 (2014) 29-60.

    “A shop and an author: publishing Marlowe’s remains at the Black Bear”
    Philological Quarterly 91.3 (2012) 361-392.

    Az irodalom részletei: a historizmus néhány újabb változata az amerikai reneszánszkutatásban” [Literary details: recent versions of historicism in Reanaissance studies]
    Ki merre tart? Shakespeare Szegeden 2007-2011, ed. Attila Atilla Kiss and Ágnes Matuska. Szeged: JATE Press, 2013, pp. 15-28.

    “Literacy, culture and history in the work of Thienemann and Hajnal”
    Comparative Hungarian Cultural Studies. Ed. Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek and Louise O. Vasvári. West Lafayette: Purdue UP, 2011, pp. 34-46.

    Playing by ear: the rhetoric of the body in Cary’s Mariam
    G. E. Szőnyi and Attila Kiss (eds): The Iconology of Gender. Szeged (Hungary): JATE Press, 2008, pp. 257-268.

    “Por se: a reneszánsz médiumai” [Not even dust: the media of the Renaissance] Jelenkor (Pécs, Hungary) 48/11 (November 2005) pp. 1066-1084.

    Reprinted in: Tamás Bényei (ed): Átjárások: fiatal anglisták és amerikanisták tanulmányai. Fiatal Írók Szövetsége, Budapest, 2005, pp. 15-45

    “Voice, Inscription, and Immortality in Early Seventeenth-Century English Poetry”
    Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies XI/1 (2005) 41-64

    “Emblems of the Polity: The wounds of rhetoric and of the body politic in Shakespeare’s Rome” in: Rowland Wymer and György E. Szőnyi (eds): The Iconography of Power. Ideas and Images of Rulership on the English Renaissance Stage. JATE Press, Szeged, 2000, pp. 161-179.

    Reprinted in Michelle Lee (ed): Shakespearean Criticism vol. 84, Thomson Gale: Detroit, New York, San Francisco, 2004, pp. 121-129.

    “The Bard and Hungary: Literary Cults and the Anthropology of Culture” Budapest Review of BOOKS 10/1‑2 (Spring-Summer 2000) pp. 7-14. First published in Hungarian: “Kultúra és a Kultusz antropológiája. Dávidházi Péter Shakespeare-könyvéről” Budapesti Könyvszemle (BUKSZ) 2000/1, pp. 7-21.

    “Shakespeare in Ungarn”
    Ina Schabert (ed.) Shakespeare-Handbuch, 4th ed., Alfred Kröner Verlag, München, 2000, pp. 688-691.

    “The Critical Media of Early Modern Texts
    European Journal of English Studies 4/2 (2000) pp. 125-139.

    “Hamletizing the Spirit of the Nation: Political Uses of Kazinczy’s 1790 Translation”
    Holger Klein and Péter Dávidházi (eds): Shakespeare and Hungary. A Publication of the Shakespeare Yearbook, Volume 7. The Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston/Queenston/Lampeter, 1996, pp. 11-35.

  • Additional Information

    András Kiséry is a founding editor of The AnaChronisT, a yearbook of studies about literature in English.

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