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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Andreas Acrivos

Albert Einstein Professor Emeritus Chemical Engineering


Grove School of Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Affiliated Departments

Mechanical Engineering


Steinman Hall, ST-1M24 (212) 650-8159

p: (212) 650-6835


  • Education

    PhD, 1954, University of Minnesota MS, 1951 University of Minnesota BS (Ch.E.), 1950, Syracuse University
  • Courses Taught

    Fluid Mechanics

  • Research Interests

    The rheology of concentrated suspensions; effective properties of two-phase materials; electrorheology.

  • Publications

    • Kumar, A., Khusid, B., Qui, Z., and Acrivos, A., "New Electric-Field-Driven Mesoscale Phase Transitions in Polarized Suspensions", PRL 95, 258301 (2005).
    • Kumar, A., Khusid, B., and Acrivos, A., "Dielectrophoretic Trapping of Particles at the Three-Phase Contact Line", Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 45, 6978 (2006).
    • Kumar, A., Elele, E., Khusid, B., Qui, Z., and Acrivos, A. "Measurements of the Fluid and Particle Mobilities in Strong Electric Fields", Phys. Fluids 18, 123301-1-10 (2006).
    • Kumar, A., Acrivos, A., Khusid, B., and Jacqmin, D. "Electric Field Driven Formation of Particle Concentration Fronts in Suspensions", Fluid. Dynamics Research, 39, 169 (2007).
    • Kumar, A., Acrivos A., Khusid, B., James, C.D. and Jacqmin, D. "Conveyor-Belt Method for Assembling Microparticles into Large-Scale Structures Using Electric Fields", Appl. Phys. Letters 90, 154104 (2007)


  • Additional Information

    Major Awards

    National Medal of Science National Academy of Engineering National Academy of Sciences American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fluid Dynamics Prize (American Physical Society) Colburn, Professional Progress and Lewis Awards (AIChE) Bingham Medal (Society of Rheology) Guggenheim Fellow

    Current Professional Affiliations

    National Academy of Engineering National Academy of Sciences American Academy of Arts and Sciences American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) American Physical Society American Chemical Society Society of Rheology

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