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Chantal Akerman

Distinguished Lecturer


Division of Humanities and the Arts


Media Communication Arts

Affiliated Departments

Media Arts Production


Shepard Hall 308b

p: 212-650-8241

p: 212-650-7167

f: 212-650-7272


  • Profile

    One of the boldest cinematic visionaries of the past quarter century, Chantal Akerman takes a profoundly personal and aesthetically idiosyncratic approach to the form, using it to investigate geography and identity, space and time, sexuality and religion. Influenced by the structural cinema she was exposed to when she came to New York from her native Belgium in 1970, at age twenty (work by artists like Michael Snow, Yvonne Rainer, and Andy Warhol), Akerman made her mark in the decade that followed, playing with long takes and formal repetition in her films, which include the architectural meditation Hotel Monterey (1972), the obsessive portrait of estrangement Je tu il elle (1975), the autobiographical New York elegy News from Home (1976), and the austere antiromance Les rendez-vous d’Anna (1978). 

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