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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Darwin Deen

Medical Professor


Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education



Harris Hall 301-H

p: 212-650-7784

f: 212-650-6797


  • Profile

    I am a Family Physician with 30 years' experience working with underserved communities in the Bronx. A graduate of Montefiore's Residency Program in Social Medicine, I have devoted his career to training urban primary care clinicians. I began teaching nutrition while still a medical student and have been involved in teaching students, residents, and faculty on local, regional and national levels. I was the Director of Medical Student Education for the Department of Family and Social Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine before I came to  the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at City College where I teach medical interviewing and primary care. I have authored numerous scientific publications, edited the Complete Guide to Nutrition in Primary Care, and written nutrition books for lay audiences with my nutritionist partner Dr. Lisa Hark. In addition to medical education, my interests include primary care, integrative medicine, improving physician-patient communication, stress management for patients and professionals,  medical student resiliency, and self-reflection.

  • Courses Taught


  • Research Interests

    Doctor-Patient Communication

  • Publications

    Kulick D, Deen D. Specialized Nutrition Support Amer Fam Phys 2011;82(2):173-183.

    Lu, WH, Deen D, Gold MR. Activating Community Health Center Patients in Developing Question-Formulation Skills: A Qualitative Study. Health Educ Behav accepted 2010.

    Deen D, Lu WH, Rothstein D, Santana L, Gold MR. Asking Questions: The effect of a brief intervention in community health centers on patient activation. Patient Educ Couns 2010 e-pub ahead of print

    McKee D, Deen D, Blank A, Maher S, Fornari A. Lessons Learned from Implementation of a Family-Focused Lifestyle Change Intervention in Urban Primary Care. Patient Education & Counseling. 2010;79(3):299-305.

    Kulick D, Hark L, Deen D. Follow-up after Bariatric Surgery: The Role of the Dietitian. J Am Diet Assn 2010;110(4):593-599.

    McKee D, Deen D, Blank A, Maher S, Fornari A. Lifestyle Change Counseling to Prevent Obesity Among Preschool Children. Ann Fam Med. 2010;8:249-255.

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