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David Weissman



Division of Humanities and the Arts




NAC 5/203B

p: 212-650-7640


  • Profile

    David Weissman studied at Northwestern and the Universities of
    Chicago and London. His philosophic orientation is systematic,
    dialectical, and historical rather than phenomenological or
    analytic. He prefers Hegel and Peirce to Heidegger or Quine.  
    His children think that his books are unreadable. He
  • Publications

    Recent publications


    Zone Morality, Berlin: Walter De Gruyter, 2014, pp. 128.

    Sensibility and the Sublime, Berlin: Walter De Gruyter, 2012, pp. 120.

    Cities, Real and Ideal, Berlin: Walter De Gruyter, 2010, pp. 280.

    Styles of Thought: Interpretation, Inquiry, and Imagination Albany:
    University of New York Press, 2007, pp. 203.

    The Cage: Must, Should and Ought from Is, Albany: State University
    of New York Press, 2006, pp.298.

    Lost Souls: the Philosophic Origins of a Cultural Dilemma, Albany:
    State University of New York Press, 2003, pp. 210.

    A Social Ontology, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000, pp. 379.

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