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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Irven Rinard

Professor Emeritus


Grove School of Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Steinman Hall T-307

p: (212) 650-8135

f: (212) 650-6660


  • Profile

    Professional Experience  

    The City College of New York, 1987-present 

    Halcon SD Group, Inc., New York, 1963-1986 

    American Cyanamid Company, New York, 1959-1963 

    Dupont Company, 1954, 1955, 1957

    Current Professional Experience   

    American Institute of Chemical Engineers 

    American Chemical Society 

    American Association for the Advancement of Science 

    American Society for Engineering Education 

    Council for Chemical Research

  • Education

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1962 ScD.  

    Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1957 MS .  

    Chemical Engineering University of Delaware 1955 BchE Chemical Engineering

  • Courses Taught

    Process Systems Engineering, Process Design, Process Simulation, Process Control,Energy Systems Engineering. 

  • Research Interests

    Energy Systems Engineering.

  • Publications

    Shinnar, R., B. Dainson, and I.H. Rinard (2000), " Partial Control 5. A Systematic Approach to the Concurrent Design and Scale-up of Complex Processes: The Role of Control System Design in Compensating for Significant Model Uncertainties. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 39(1), 103-121  

    Kothare, M.V., R. Shinnar, I. Rinard, M. Morari (2000), "On Defining the Partial Control Problem: Concepts and Examples,” AIChE J, 46(12), 2456-2474.  

    Saha, N., and I.H. Rinard (2000) Miniplant Design Methodology: A Case Study – Manufacture of Hydrogen Cyanide, Topical Conference Proceedings - IMRET 4: 4th International Conference on Microreaction Technology, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, New York, 327-333. 

    Rinard, I.H. (1998) “Miniplant Design Methodology,” Process Miniaturization: 2nd International Conference on Microreaction Technology, AIChE, New York, 299-312. 

    Arbel, A., I.H. Rinard, and R. Shinnar (1996), "Dynamics and Control of Pluidized Catalytic Crackers. 3. Designing the Control System: Choice of Manipulated Variables and Measured Variables for Partial Control," Ind Chem. Eng. Res 35(7), 2215-2233 Rinard, I.H. (1996), "Core models, coordinators, and connectors in the dynamic modeling and simulation of multiphase systems," Computers chem. Engng, 30 Suppl. 969-974 

    Arbel, A., I.H. Rinard, R. Shinnar, and A.V. Sapre (1995), "Dynamics and Control of Pluidized Catalytic Crackers. 2. Multiple Steady States and Instabilities," Ind Chem. Eng Res. 34, 3014-3026 Arbel, A., Z. Huang, I.H. Rinard, R. Shinnar and A.V. Sapre (1995), "Dynamics and Control of Fluidized Catalytic Crackers. 1. Modeling of the Current Generation of FCC's," Ind. Chem. Eng. Res. 34, 1228-1243

    Rinard, I.H., and J. Slaby (1992) "The Multi-Purpose Simulator: A Tool for Identifying Control- Related Design Problems, " AIChE National Meeting, New Orleans Rinard, I.H. (1992), "Process Systems Simulation: Its Use in Design Education for Engineers," Proc. Engineering Education: Curriculum Innovafion and Infegration, Aung, W. and S. Carmi, Eds., Am. Soc. Engr. Ed., Washington, D.C., 321-326

    Farrell, RJ., and I.H. Rinard (1991) "A Comparison Between Sequential Modular and Simultaneous Modular Flowsheet Convergence Algorithms," Presented at the AIChE National Meeting, Houston Rinard, I.H. (1990), "Model Fidelity Considerations in Dyanmic Simulation," Presented at the AIChE Annual Meeting, Chicago Rinard, I.H., "Sensitivity to Modeling Errors in Steady-State Process Simulation," Computers chem. Engng, 11(6), 707-712

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