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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Jeff Morris

Department Chair, Professor


Grove School of Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Steinman Hall T-1M20

p: 212-650-6844

f: 212-650-6835


  • Profile

  • Education

    Georgia Institute of Technology, BS,1989  

    California Institute of Technology, MS, 1991  

    California Institute of Technology, PhD, 1996

  • Courses Taught

    Suspension mechanics, colloidal suspensions, fluid mechanics and multiphase flow, rheology.

  • Research Interests

    These are in the properties and dynamics of flowing mixtures, with goal of developing a dynamic materials science. A major focus has been to carry scientific understanding of nonequilibrium microstructure and rheology in sheared suspensions to engineering applications through flow modeling.

  • Publications

    Under review or in press (preprints available):  

    P. Karanjkar, J. W. Lee & J. F. Morris 2010 Calorimetric investigation of cyclopentane hydrate formation in an emulsion. Submitted to Chem. Eng. Science. S. D. Kulkarni, J. F. Morris & B. Metzger 2009 Particle pressure induced self-filtration in concentrated suspensions. Submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett.  


    G. Metcalfe , D. Lester, A. Ord, P. M. Kulkarni, M. Trefry, B. Hobbs, K. Regenaur-Lieb & J. F. Morris 2009 Partially open porous media flow towards visualization of velocity, concentration, and deformation fields. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 368, 217-230.  

    R. M. Miller, J. P. B. Singh & J. F. Morris 2008 Suspension flow modeling for general geometries. Chem. Eng. Sci. 64, 4597-4610. 

    M. Hameed & J. F. Morris 2008 Breakup of a liquid jet containing solid particles: A singularity approach. SIAM J. Appl. Math. 70, 885-900.

    J. F. Morris 2009 A review of microstructure in concentrated suspensions and its implications for rheology and bulk flow. Rheol. Acta. 48, 909.

    M. Jenni, L. Schimmer, R. Zauner, J. Stampfl & J. F. Morris 2008 Quantitative study of powder binder separation of feedstocks. Powd. Injection Moulding Intl 2, 50. 

    A. Deboeuf, G. Gauthier, J. Martin, Y. Yurkovetsky & J. F. Morris 2009 Particle pressure: A bridge from osmosis to granular dilatancy. Phys Rev Lett. 102, 108301. 

    J.-P. Matas, J. F. Morris & E. Guazzelli 2009 Lateral force on a rigid sphere in large-inertia laminar pipe flow. J. Fluid Mech. 621, 59-67. 

    S. D. Kulkarni & J. F. Morris 2009 Ordering transition and structural evolution under shear in Brownian suspensions. J. Rheol. 53, 417-439.

    X. Ye, T. Ganley, J. F. Morris, N. Tonmukayakul & M. A. Parker 2009 Uniaxial compression of dense granular materials: stress distribution and permeability. J. Petroleum Sci. & Eng. 65, 193–207. 

    P. M. Kulkarni & J. F. Morris 2008 Suspension properties at finite Reynolds number from simulated shear flow. Phys. Fluids 20, 040602. 

    Y. Yan, J. F. Morris & J. A. Koplik 2007 Hydrodynamic interaction of two particles in confined linear shear flow at finite Reynolds number. Phys. Fluids 19, 113305.

    P. M. Kulkarni & J. F. Morris 2008 Pair-sphere trajectories in finite Reynolds number shear flow. J. Fluid Mech. 596, 413-435. 

    D. Kittipoomwong, D. J. Klingenberg, Y. M. Shkel, J. F. Morris & J. C. Ulicny 2008 Transient behavior of electrorheological fluids in shear flow. J. Rheol. 52, 225-241. 

    Y. Yurkovetsky & J. F. Morris 2008 Particle pressure in a sheared Brownian suspension. J. Rheol. 52, 141-164 

    H. Dong, W.W. Carr, D.G. Bucknall, & J.F. Morris 2007 Temporally-resolved inkjet drop impaction on surfaces. AIChE J. 53, 2606-2617. 

    H. M. Wyss, D. L. Blair, J. F. Morris, H. A. Stone, and D. A. Weitz. 2006 Mechanism for clogging of microchannels. Phys. Rev. E 74, 061402. 

    A. Leshansky, J. F. Morris & J. F. Brady 2008 Collective diffusion in a sheared colloidal dispersion. J. Fluid Mech. 597, 305—341. 

    D. Semwogerere, J. F. Morris, & E. R. Weeks 2007 Development of particle migration in pressure–driven flow of a Brownian suspension. J. Fluid Mech. 581, 437–451. R. J. Furbank & J. F. Morris 2007 Pendant drop thread dynamics and pinch-off in particle-laden liquids. Int. J. Multiphase Flow 33, 448-468. 

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