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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Joyce Gelb

Professor Emeritus


Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership


Political Science

Affiliated Departments

Asian Studies
Women's Studies


NAC 4/143C

p: 212-650-5582


  • Profile

    Professor Gelb retired at the end of the spring 2009 semester. She has amply earned her Emeritus status after over forty years of distinguished service to the Department, City College, and the Graduate Center. Professor Gelb remains an active scholar, however, and recently published:Women and Politics around the World: A Comparative History and Survey (ABC-CLIO)

  • Education

    Ph.D. New York University, 1969

  • Courses Taught

    12500: Introduction to Public Policy Contemporary public policy. How policy issues are formulated, resolved and evaluated. The major techniques of policy analysis and public affairs research, with emphasis on the social and political contexts of policy problems. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

    22900: Women and Politics This course explores the theoretical underpinnings of contemporary feminism and analyzes the changing dimensions of women’s participation in American politics. Electoral, interest group, and elite level political involvement will be discussed and comparisons made with women’s political role in other nations. (W) 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

    23000: Contemporary Comparative Politics The basic problems of comparing different types of political systems and their institutions. Specific examples are taken from American, western European and the Communist experience, as well as from cases drawn from the developing world. (W) 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

  • Publications

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