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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Leonard Trugman



Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership




NAC 5/106

p: TBA


  • Education

    M.B.A Fairleigh Dickinson University D. Sci; Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ M.S.C.E., Polytechnic Institute of New York B.M.E City College of New York

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  • Publications

    Coporate Management in Action: Critical Cases in Operations, Finance and Manufacturing, Prentice Hall, 1981 "Introduction of New Products with Maximun Reward-to-Risk Ratio" Guest Speaker at Society of Professional Management Consultants Meeting, February 1979 "An Independant Manufacturer Looks at the Aftermarket" Paper presented at the ATRA conference in Las Vegas, September 1974 "Vacuum Modulators" Paper presented at the Atra conference in New Orleans, May 1973 Semiconductor Strain-Gauge Applications for Control Systems" Paper presented at the 1971 IEEE Transducer Conference in Washington D.C. and published in May 1972 IEEE Transactions "Some Tests on Hydrodynamic Gas Bearings at Normal and Elevated Temperatures" Paper presentedat the 1964 annual meeting of the ASLE in NEW ORLEANS and published in the April 1965 edition of Lubrication Engineering

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