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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Ron Kopp

Adjunct Lecturer


Center for Worker Education



25 Broadway 7th Floor

p: (212) 925-6625

f: (212) 925-0963


  • Profile

     Ron Kopp is the film programmer at the Paramount Center for the Arts, a newly restored historic movie palace in Peekskill, NY ( He has been a featured commentator on National Public Radio, creating "Advice for the Videolorn," a regularly running feature on Anthem, a weekend cultural affairs program. For many years he also wrote a column for, "Ask Dr. Video," which prescribed videos to help people deal with their daily problems.

  • Education

    Ron received his B.A. in English at Lawrence University and his M.F.A. in Screenwriting and Directing at Columbia University.

  • Courses Taught

    Ron has taught a wide range of film studies and humanities courses at CWE since 1998. These include: The Art of Alfred Hitchcock; Children on Film; Director Studies: Scorsese & Lee; Film Noir; The French New Wave; Gender Construction in Film; Between the Lines: Critiquing the Critics; Classic American Screwball Comedies; Our Town: New York City in the Movies; American Cinema in the 70’s; Film & Human Rights; Film & Labor; The Documentary in Film & Television; History of Film; Intro to Media; and Core Humanities II. With CWE’s Science Educator, he has also taught a hybrid traditional/online course, Forbidden Knowledge & the Myth of Frankenstein. Currently a member of the English faculty at FIT, Ron has also taught writing intensive film-related courses at Marymount Manhattan.

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