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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Shayesteh E. Mahani

Assistant Professor


Grove School of Engineering


Civil Engineering


Steinman Hall T-106

p: (212 ) 650-8440

f: (212) 650-8097


  • Profile

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    Dr. Mahani is an Assistant Professor at the Civil Engineering department, since 2006, and associated with the NOAA Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology (NOAA_CREST) Center since 2003. She received her PhD degree in Hydrology and Water Resources from the University of Arizona (UofA) in 2000. Dr. Mahani currently teaches the CE 264, Data Analysis (statistics and probability) for Civil engineering applications, at the undergraduate level, and CE G9500, Remote Sensing for Water Resources and Environmental Engineering applications, at the graduate level. Dr. has published twelve peer reviewed journal publications, 2 text books, and eleven conference proceeding. Her proposed activities supplement the research interests and curriculum development in the Civil Engineering Department of the Grove School of Engineering as well as the NOAA-NWS and NOAA-CREST goals and missions that she is so actively involved. Assessing applications of satellite- and radar-based remote sensing information for hydrology, hydro-climatology, and water resources purposes is the major component of Dr. Mahani’s professional career goals. Dr. Mahani has been involved on about six PhD and seven MS students’ research projects, in the Hydro-Climate area. Students’ projects are related to “development of snowfall detection and retrieval algorithms using multi-sources (multi-spectral satellite-, ground-, and meteorological-based) data”; “implementation of an operational nowcasting algorithm for short time forecasting of precipitation (rain/snowfall) over the New York Metropolitan area”; “developing an approach to extend the spatial coverage of NEXRAD data over radar gap areas”; “validation of satellite-based precipitation retrieval algorithms for different types of climate, topography, and storms (e.g. hurricanes)”; and “climate change study, such as: exploring the relationships between SWE and atmospheric modes, impacts of aerosols on cloud and precipitation formation, and relationship between climate warming and hurricanes”.

  • Education

    • BS.C.,  Mathematics, Teachers & Science University, Tehran/Iran.
    • BS.E.,  Surveying, the University of Technology and Engineering, Tehran/Iran.
    • MS.E., Surveying, the K. N. Toosi University, Tehran/Iran.
    • PhD: Hydrology & Water Resources, University of Arizona, Tucson/Arizona, 2000.
    • PostDoc: Remote Sensing for Hydrology, University of Arizona


  • Courses Taught

    • Civil Engineering Data Analysis, CE26400
    • Remote Sensing for Civil and Environmental Engineering, CE-G9500


  • Research Interests

    Dr. Mahani 's research interests include applications of satellite remote sensing data, radar observations, and image processing for hydrological, water resources, and environmental purposes such as: precipitation (rainfall & snowfall) and flood estimation and prediction; hydrological modeling for precipitation and flood forecasting; drought analysis; and climate change study.

  • Publications

    • Boushaki, F.I., K. Hsu, S. Sorooshian, G. Park, S. Mahani, and S. Wei; 2009; “Bias Adjustment of Satellite Precipitation Estimation using Ground-based Measurement; A Case Study Evaluation over the Southwestern United States”; Journal of Hydrometeorology (JHM), in press.
    • Mahani, S.E., and R. Khanbilvardi; 2009; “Generating Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimates over Radar Gap Areas”; WSEAS (World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society) Transactions on Systems, Vol. 8, No. 1, p. 96-106.
    • Mahani, S.E., and R. Khanbilvardi; 2009; “Improving Remotely Sensed Rainfall Estimates using Multi-Sensor Information”, International J. of Terraspace Science and Eng., V1(1), p. 9-18.
    • Azar, A. E., Ghedira, H., Romanov, P., Mahani, S., Tedesco, M. and Khanbilvardi, R.; 2009; “Application of Satellite Microwave Images in Estimating Snow Water Equivalent for Flood Forecasting,” Journal of American Water Resource Associations (JAWRA), Vol. 44, No. 6, p.1347-1362.
    • Mejia, Y., H. Ghedira, S. Mahani and R. Khanbilvardi; 2008; Detecting and Estimating Snowfall from the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU) Using a System of Neural Networks; Appl. Remote Sensing. V2, 023524.
    • Gaffin, S.R., Rosenzweig, C., Khanbilvardi, R., Parshall, L., Mahani, S., Glickman, H., Goldberg, R., Blake, R.; 2008; Slosberg, R.B. and Hillel, D., “Variations in New York City's Urban Heat Island Strength Over Time and Space”, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 2008, Vol. 94, No, 1-2, p. 1-11.
    • Mahani, S.E., X. Gao, S. Sorooshian; and B. Imam, Estimating Cloud-Top Height and Spatial Displacement from Scan-Synchronous GOES Images Using Simplified IR-Based Stereoscopic Analysis, J. Geoph. Res., 2000.
    • Mahani, S.E., S. Sorooshian, Applications of Remote Sensing for Hydrologic Applications, The First Regional Conference on Water Balance, in Ahwaz, Iran, February 2000.
    • Sorooshian, S., B. Imam, T. Pagano, and S.E. Mahani, Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Regional Water Resources, International Conference on Hydraulic Structures, Civil Engineering Department of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran, May 1-2, 2001.
    • Sorooshian, S., B. Imam, S.E. Mahani, T. Pagano, and M. Whitaker, Hydrologic Sciences And Water Resources Management Issues In A Changing World, the Zayed Conference on Water Resources and Integrated Management, Dubai, United Arab Republic, February 2-6, 2002
    • Gupta, H.V., S. Sorooshian, X. Gao, B. Imam, K. Hsu, L.A. Bastidas, J. Li, and S. Mahani; The Challenge of Predicting Flash Floods from Thunderstorm Rainfall, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 360, 1-9, 2002.
    • Mahani, S.E., K. Hsu, X. Gao, and S. Sorooshian; High Resolution Global Merged Satellite and Ground Based Precipitation, in preparation, 2003.
    • Sorooshian, S., B. Imam, S. Mahani, T. Pagano, M. Whitaker; Hydrologic Siences and Water Resources Management Issues in a changing World, Elsevier Science, Amesterdam, The Netherlands, in press, 2003.
    • Pagano, T.C., S.E. Mahani, M.J. Nazemosadat, and S. Sorooshian; Review of Middle Eastern Hydroclimatology and Seasonal Teleconnections, J. Scien. and Tech., Trans. B, Vol 27 No B1, 95-109, 2003.


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