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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Susan Besse

Associate Professor
Director, City College Fellowship Program


Division of Humanities and the Arts




NAC 5/118-6/316

p: 212-650-7475

p: 212-650-8388


  • Profile

     Professor Besse is a specialist in Latin American and Caribbean history. She is particularly concerned with problems of gender, ethnicity, class, and nationality. She has published a book, Restructuring Patriarchy: The Modernization of Gender Inequality in Brazil, 1914-1940 (University of North Carolina Press), which has been translated into Portuguese. She has also published a number of articles and reviews, and has worked closely with the Women's Studies Program including service as its Director. She currently directs the City College Fellowships Program.

  • Education


    • Certificat, Institut d’Etudes du Developpement (Geneva)
    • B.A., Smith College
    • Ph.D., Yale Univ.
  • Courses Taught


    • Colonial Latin America
    • Modern Latin America
    • Women and Gender in Latin America
    • Women's Studies 1000
  • Publications


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