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Vinod Menon



Division of Science




Marshak Science 415

p: 212-650-7443

f: 212-650-6940


  • Profile

    2014 -     Professor, Dept. of Physics, City College of New York and Grad. Center of CUNY
    2014 -     Director, CUNY Center for Advanced Technology in Photonics
    2012 - 2013    Visiting Scholar, Research Laboratory for Electronics, MIT
    2010 - 2014     Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, Queens College and Grad. Center of CUNY
    2004 - 2010     Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, Queens College and Grad. Center of CUNY
    2004 - 2006    Visiting Researcher, Princeton University
    2003 -2004    Research Staff Member, Princeton University
    2001 - 2003    Lucent Bell Labs Post-Doctoral Fellow in Photonics, Princeton University


  • Education

    2001        Ph.D. in Physics, University of Massachusetts
    1995        M.Sc. in Physics (Quantum Optics), University of Hyderabad, India

  • Research Interests

    Research in my group - the Laboratory for Nano and Micro Photonics (LaNMP)   can be best summarized as exploration of light-matter interaction at the nano and micron sale. The main research focus areas are development of:
    (i) light confining structures such as microcavities and waveguides and
    (ii) artificially engineered optical materials such as metamaterials and hybrid (Organic/Inorganic) nanocomposites.
    These focus areas are motivated by the quest to develop high efficiency classical and non-classical light sources, enhanced nonlinear optical devices and integrated quantum photonic circuits.
    Some of the ongoing projects include:
    - Cavity QED using nanocrystals and 2D materials (NSF, ARO)
    - Metamaterial based light emitters and sensors (ARO)
    - Quantum optics using metamaterials (NSF)
    - Control of energy transfer in Organic-Inorganic hybrid excitonic systems (NSF)
    - k-space spectroscopy of active metamaterials and photonic structures (ARO – DURIP)
    More details about my research group can be found at LANMP.ORG

  • Publications

    (Selected recent publications)
    1.    "Strong light-matter coupling in 2D atomic crystals," X. Liu, T. Galfsky, Z. Sun, F. Xia, E-C Lin, Y-H Lee, S. Kena-Cohen, and V. M. Menon (  [In Press – Nature Photonics 2015, Also Post-deadline paper at CLEO/QELS 2014]
    2.    Active hyperbolic metamaterials: enhanced spontaneous emission and light extraction," T. Galfsky, H. N. S. Krishnamoorthy, W. Newman, E. E. Narimanov, Z. Jacob., and V. M. Menon, ( [In Press – Optica 2015]
    3.    "Visualization of Exciton Transport in Ordered and Disordered Molecular Solids," G. M. Akselrod, P. B. Deotare, N. J. Thompson, J. Lee, W. A. Tisdale, M. A. Baldo, V. M. Menon, and V. Bulovic, Nature Comm. 5, 3636 (2014) [doi:10.1038/ncomms4646]
    4.    "Room temperature Frenkel-Wannier-Mott hybridization of degenerate excitons in a strongly coupled microcavity," M. Slootsky, X. Liu, V. M. Menon* and S. R. Forrest*, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 076401 (2014).
    5.    "Topological transitions in metamaterials," H. N. S. Krishnamoorthy, Z. Jacob, E. Narimanov, I. Kretzschmar, and V. M. Menon, Science 336, 205 (2012).
    6.    "Towards polaritonic logic circuits," V. M. Menon, L. I . Deych, A. Lisyansky, Nature Photonics 4, 345 (2010)
    For complete list of publications – please visit: LANMP.ORG

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