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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Wan-Hua Amy Yu

Medical Professor


Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education



Harris Hall 310

p: 212-650-6859

f: 212-650-6812


  • Education

    B.S., 1960, Tunghai University, Taiwan, China

    M.S., 1966, Ph.D., 1969, St. Louis University
  • Publications

    Recent Articles
    • Chaparro O, Yu WHA, Shaw PA (1998) Effect of sympathetic innervation on IPR-induced cystain S gene expression in rat submandibular glands during early development. Dev Neurosci 20:65-73.

    • Chaparro O, Yu WHA, Shaw PA (1998) Isoproterenol-induced expression of the cystatin S gene in rat submandibular glands of parasympathectomized rats. Mol Brain Res 61:136-146.

    • Li J, Tullai J, Yu WHA, Salton SRJ (1998) Regulated expression during development and following sciatic nerve injury of mRNA encoding the receptor tyrosine phosphatase HPTP./RPTP$. Mol Brain Res 60:77-88.

    • Yew DT, Wong HW, Li WP, Lai HWL, Yu WHA (1999) Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) neurons in the different areas of the normal aged and Alzheimer's brains. Neuroscience 89:675-686.

    • Shaw PA, Yu WHA (2000) Autonomic regulation of cystatin S gene in submandibular glands of rats. Autonomic Neurosicence: Basic and Clinical 83:49-57.

    • Yu WHA, McGinnis MY (2001) Androgen receptors in cranial nerve motor nuclei of male and female rats. J Neurobiol 46:1-10.

    • Shaw PA, Yu WHA (2001) Sympathetic and parasympathetic regulation of cystatin S gene expression. Life Sci 70:301-313
    Book Chapters
    • Yu WHA (2002) Spatial and Temporal Correlation of Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression with CuZn-Superoxide Dismutase Reduction in Motor Neurons following Axotomy. In: Nitric Oxide: Novel Actions, Deleterious Effects and Clinical Potential. Chiueh CC, Hong JS, Leong SK (Eds). Ann NY Acad Sci 962:111-121.

    • Yu, WHA (2007) Neuronal Structures and Functions. In: The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care (2nd edition). Sahler OJZ, Carr JE (eds). ogrefe & Huber, Cambridge, MA, pp. 17-25.

    • Yu WHA (2007) Brain Structures and Their Functions. In: The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care (2nd edition). Sahler OJZ, Carr JE (eds). Hogrefe & Huber, Cambridge, MA, pp.26-32


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