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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Nancy Sohler

Associate Medical Professor


Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education



Harris Hall 405B

p: 212-650-7786

f: 212-650-7778


  • Education

    B.A., 1991 Friends World College, Huntington, NY

    M.P.H., 1995, Columbia University, School of Public Health

    Ph.D., 2000, Columbia University, School of Public Health

  • Courses Taught

    MED 33501 - Health, Medicine & Society IV - Fundamentals of Epidemiology - Course Director

  • Research Interests

    • Examination of barriers to accessing appropriate health care for underserved populations.

    • Evaluation of medical outreach for unstably housed people with HIV and a program which integrates opioid treatment into primary care settings.

    • Examination of how pharmaceutical marketing practices impact health care choices and disparities in treatment for chronic disease such as depression, hypertension and diabetes.

  • Publications

    Peer Reviewed Articles (past 5 years)
    • Sohler N, Bromet EJ. Does racial bias influence the way psychiatric diagnoses are assigned at first hospitalization for psychosis? Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 2003; 38:463-472.

    • Sohler N, Walkup J, McAlpine D, Boyer C, Olfson M. Antipsychotic medication dosing at hospital discharge and outcomes for persons with schizophrenia. Psychiatric Services 2003; 54(9):1258-1265.

    • Sohler N, Bromet E, Lavelle J, Mojtabai R, Craig T. Are there racial differences in the way patients with psychotic disorders are treated at their first hospitalization? Psychological Medicine 2004;34(4):705-718.

    • Sohler N, Olfson M, Walkup J. Antipsychotic mediation dosing (letter). Psychiatric Services 2004; 54(11):1547-1548.

    • Sohler N, Arno P, Chen CJ, Schechter C, Fang J. Income inequality and infant mortality rates in New York City. Journal of Urban Health 2004; 80(8):650-657.

    • Berkman A, Pilowsky DJ, Zybert PA, Leu C-S, Sohler N, Susser E. The impact of substance dependence on HIV sexual risk-reduction among men with severe mental illness. AIDS Care 2005; 17(5):635-9.

    • Mojtabai R, Herman D, Susser ES, Sohler N, Craig TJ, Bromet EJ. Care and Outcomes of First-Admission Psychotic Disorders in Suffolk County Mental Health Project: 1989-1995. American Journal of Psychiatry 2005; 162(7):1291-8.

    • Kapadia F, Cook JA, Cohen MH, Sohler N, Kovacs A, Greenblatt RM, Choudhary I, Vlahov D. Impact of non-injection drug use behaviors on progression to AIDS and death in a cohort of HIV seropositive women in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy use. Addiction 2005; 100(7):990-1002.

    • Cunningham CO, Sohler NL, McCoy K, Heller D, Selwyn PA. Health care access to and utilization of health care services in unstably housed HIV-infected individuals in New York City. AIDS Patient Care & STDs, 2005; 19(10):690-5.

    • Latka M, Wilson TE, Cook J, Bacon MC, Richardson JL, Sohler N, Cohen MH, Greenblatt RM, Vlahov D. Impact of drug treatment on subsequent sexual risk behavior in a multi-site cohort of drug-using women. A report from the Women's Interagency HIV study. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2005, 29(4) 329-37.

    • Berkman A. Cerwonka E.Sohler N. Susser E. A randomized trial of a brief HIV risk reduction intervention for men with severe mental illness. Psychiatric Services 2006; 57(3):407-9.

    • Cunningham CO, Sohler NL, McCoy K, Kunins HV. Attending physicians' and residents' attitudes and beliefs about buprenorphine in an urban teaching hospital. Family Medicine 2006;38(5):336-340.

    • Cunningham CO, Sohler N, Berg KM, Shapiro S, Heller D. Type of Substance Use and Access to HIV-Related Health Care. AIDS Patient Care and STDs 2006;20(6):9-17.

    • Cunningham WE, Sohler NL, Tobias C, Drainoni ML, Bradford J, Davis C et al. Health services utilization for people with HIV infection: comparison of a population targeted for outreach with the U.S. population in care. Med Care 2006; 44(11):1038-1047.

    • Sohler NL, Wong MD, Cunningham WE, Cabral H, Drainoni ML, Cunningham CO. Type and pattern of illicit drug use and access to health care services for HIV-infected people. AIDS Patient Care STDS 2007; 21(S1):S68-S76.

    • Cunningham CO, Sohler NL, Korin L, Gao W, Anastos K. HIV status, trust in health care providers, and distrust in the health care system among Bronx women.AIDS Care 2007; 19(2):226-34.

    • Cunningham CO, Sohler NL, Wong MD, Relf M, Cunningham WE, Drainoni ML, Bradford J, Pounds MB, Cabral HD. Utilization of health care services in hard-to-reach marginalized HIV-infected individuals.AIDS Patient Care & STDs 2007; 21(3):177-86.

    • Bresnahan M, Begg MD, Brown A, Schaefer C, Sohler N, Insel B, Vela L, Susser E. Race and risk of schizophrenia in a U.S. birth cohort: Another example of health disparity? International Journal of Epidemiology 2007; 36: 751-758.

    • Cunningham CO, Li X, Ramsey K, Sohler NL. A Comparison of HIV Health Services Utilization Measures in a Marginalized Population: Self-Report Versus Medical Records. Med Care 2007; 45(3):264-268.

    • Nash D, Andreopoulos E, Horowitz D, Sohler N, Vlahov D. Differences Among U.S. States in Estimating the Number of People Living with HIV/AIDS: Impact on Allocation of Federal Ryan White Funding.  Public Health Reports 2007; 122: 644-656.

    • Sacajiu G, Fox A, Ramos M, Sohler N, Heller D, Cunningham C. The Evolution of HIV illness representation among marginally housed persons.AIDS Care 2007;19(4):539-45.

    • Sohler NL, Fitzpatrick LK, Lindsay RG, Anastos K, Cunningham CO. Does Patient-Provider Racial/Ethnic Concordance Influence Ratings of Trust in People with HIV Infection? AIDS Behav 2007; [Epub ahead of print].

    • Sohler N, Li X, Cunningham C. Perceived discrimination among severely disadvantaged people with HIV infection. Public Health Rep 2007; 122(3):347-355.

    • Cabral H, Tobias C, Rajabiun S, Sohler NL, Cunningham CO, Wong MD et al. Outreach program contacts: Do they increase the likelihood of engagement and retention in HIV primary care for hard-to-reach patients? AIDS Patient Care STDS 2007; 21(S1):S59-S67.

    • Tobias CR, Cunningham W, Cabral HD, Cunningham CO, Eldred L, Naar-King S, Bradford J, Sohler NL, Wong MD, Drainoni ML. Living with HIV but without medical care: barriers to engagement. AIDS Patient Care STDS 2007; 21(6):426-34.

    • Cuevas C A, Bollinger AR, Vielhauer MJ, Morgan EE, Sohler, N, Brief DJ, Miller AL, Keane TM. HIV/AIDS Cost Study: Construct Validity and Factor Structure of the PTSD Checklist in Dually Diagnosed HIV-Seropositive Adults. Journal of Trauma Practice 2007; 4:29-51.

    • Muennig P, Sohler N, Mahato B. Socioeconomic status as an independent predictor of physiological biomarkers of cardiovascular disease: Evidence from NHANES. Preventive Medicine 2007; 45: 5-40.

    • Cunningham CO, Kunins HV, Roose RJ, Elam RT, Sohler NL. Barriers to obtaining waivers to prescribe buprenorphine for opioid addiction treatment among HIV physicians.Journal of General Internal Medicine 2007; 22(9):1325-1329.

    • Cunningham CO, Sanchez JP, Heller DI, Sohler NL. Assessment of a medical outreach program to improve access to HIV care among marginalized individuals.American Journal of Public Health 2007; 97(10):1758-1761.

    • Sohler NL, Lubetkin E, Rimmerman A, Soghomonian CA, Levy J. Factors associated with obesity and coronary heart disease in a community-based, racially/ethnically diverse, inner-city sample with intellectual disabilities. Accepted: Social Work in Health Care.

    • Roose RJ, Kunins HV, Sohler NL, Elam RT, Cunningham CO. Nurse practitioner and physician assistant interest in prescribing buprenorphine.Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2008; 34(4):456-459.

    • Cunningham CO, Sanchez JP, Li X, Heller D, Sohler NL. Medical and support service utilization in a medical program targeting marginalized HIV-infected individuals.Journal of Health Care for the Poor & Underserved 2008; 19(3):981-990.

    • Cunningham C, Giovanniello A, Sacajiu G, Whitley S, Mund P, Beil R, Sohler N. Buprenorphine treatment in an urban community health center: what to expect.Family Medicine 2008; 40(7):500-506.

    • Netherland J, Botsko M, Egan J, Saxon A, Cunningham C, Finkelstein R, Gourevitch MN, Renner J, Sohler N, Sullivan LE, Weiss L, Fiellin DA, the BHIVES Collaborative. Factors Affecting Willingness to Provide Buprenorphine Treatment. In press, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment.

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