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Faculty and Staff Profiles

Theresa Montini

Assistant Medical Professor


Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education



Harris Hall 405A

p: 212-650-5266

f: 212-650-7778


  • Education

    BA, 1979, Rutgers University

    MSW, 1984, University of California, Berkeley

    Ph.D, 1991, University of California, San Francisco

  • Courses Taught

    MED 41700 - Health, Medicine & Society V - The U.S. Health Care System - Course Director

  • Research Interests

    • Examination of how to best utilize scientific evidence in clinical decision making and practice

    • Analysis of public health policy formulation, especially how to translate research into policy

    • Discovery of ways to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use

    • Exploration of ways that the patient's perspective can be incorporated in efforts to improve quality of care and treatment safety

    • Advancing the effective use of qualitative research methodology

  • Publications

    • Montini T and Ian D. Graham. “Entrenched practices and other biases:” Unpacking the historical, economic, professional, and social resistance to de-implementation. Implementation Science 2015; 10:24 DOI: 10.1186/s13012-015-0211-7.
    • Montini, Theresa, Tuo-Yen Tseng, Helly Patel, Donna Shelley. Barriers to dental services for older adults.  American Journal of Health Behavior.  2014; 38(5): 781-78.
    • Montini T, Schenkel AB, Shelley DR.  Feasibility of a computerized clinical decision support system for treating tobacco use in dental clinics.  Journal of Dental Education. April 2013; Vol 77, No 4, pp 458-62.
    • Montini T, George A, Martin M, Bero LA.  The role of public participation in public health initiatives:  An analysis of the WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.  Global Public Health.  January 2010, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 48-61.

    • Montini T, Bero LA.  Implementation of a workplace smoking ban:  The limits of local discretion.  BMC Public Health, 2008; 8(1):402 (8 December 2008).

    • Montini T, Noble AA, Stelfox HT.  Content analysis of patient complaints.  International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 2008; 20(6): 412-420.

    • Guydish, J, Manser ST, Jessup M, Tajima B, Sears C, Montini T. Multi-level assessment protocol (MAP) for adoption in multi-site clinical trials.  Journal of Drug Issues, 2005; 35(3): 529-546.
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